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Rich Police Cash! Anime Premieres on YouTube

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2021)

Sakuya Kurota’s “Rich Policeman Cash!” YouTube official channel “Rich Policeman Cash! -Zero’s Casebook-” has opened. The original animation has been distributed from October 1st today.

“Rich Police Cash!” Is the story of the main character, Cash, a brilliant police officer who tries to solve any incident with the power of money. The manga is serialized in the monthly CoroCoro Comic (Shogakukan). An original story is developed in the animation distributed on YouTube.

The story before Cash met his partner Marmen is drawn, and Hakona, who was a former buddy, appears as an original character. Hakona’s character design was supervised by the original author Kuroda. Soma Saito, who played the same role in the comic anime “Rich Police Cash!” , Will continue to play the role of Cash, and Minami Tanaka will play the role of Hakona .

SORAJIMA Studio is in charge of producing the animation. Director Shoya Miki commented, “This work is the most attractive work of cash that solves the case in a cool way. I will do my best to reach the children with the cuteness of cash and my new partner Hakona!” Was done.

Source – Rich Police Cash! anime’s YouTube channel & Comic Natalie

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