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Remember Shirtless Alexander Skarsgård In The Northman Trailer? The Director Talks His ‘Crazy’ Transformation

Alexander Skarsgärd has a historical previous of proving he’s committed to the roles he performs. When he beefed up to play the legendary Tarzan, followers across the arena have been terrorized at his transformation. Nonetheless now that we’ve considered him in all his shirtless glory within the trailer for his upcoming movie The Northman, it’s obvious that he’s taken his dedication to an entire recent diploma. And the movie’s director has confirmed that he went to enormous lengths to teach his personality to lifestyles. 

In The Northman, Alexander Skarsgärd performs a Viking warrior prince who will cease at nothing in his quest to avenge his father’s loss of life and reclaim his kingdom. The upcoming historical thriller, from acclaimed director Robert Eggers (of The Lighthouse reputation), looks to be a no holds-barred epic saga with loads of violence and vengeance. So it’s no shock that Skarsgärd wished to be in high shape to play the part – and Eggers urged our sisters ssite GamesRadar that the actor went above and previous in his preparation: 

The amount of discipline that Alex put into this characteristic is crazy. He transformed his physique extra wildly than he did in Tarzan.

Vivid how tough he labored to attain his Tale of Tarzan physique makes his work ethic this time spherical noteworthy extra impressive. And in accordance to what we’ve considered from the The Northman trailer, Robert Eggers doesn’t appear to be exaggerating. Alexander Skarsgärd’s Amileth seems to construct most of his combating shirtless (let’s hear it for historical accuracy), and so the outcomes of his rigorous training aren’t easy to miss. Take a see on the trailer for yourself to function your admire judgment: 

Even even as you ignore the shirtless grief, The Northman looks admire it’s going to be a can’t-lumber away out movie. An epic revenge saga all on its admire has the makings of being a masterpiece but, within the fingers of Robert Eggers, it would possibly maybe probably be something out of the ordinary. The director already has a confirmed track bid of developing the types of motion photographs that follow you lengthy after they’re over – loyal understand on the unhurried-burn terror fantasy The Witch, which moreover starred Anya Taylor-Joy. The Northman moreover brings one other collaboration with The Lighthouse’s Willem Dafoe, who signed on despite the earlier movie (which used to be shot in shaded and white) being a no longer easy shoot

It’s moreover attention-grabbing to understand Alexander Skarsgärd starring in a single other project with his Mammoth Minute Lies co-star Nicole Kidman, especially since they’re taking part in mother and son this time and no longer husband and partner. According to the trailer, it’s tough to uncover within the occasion that they’ll the truth is portion the cowl. In the occasion that they construct, confidently this would even even be beneath happier circumstances than it used to be the ideal time spherical, even though it plot he has to brutally execute several dozen Vikings (while shirtless) to function their reunion happen.

While you’re as severe about seeing the fruits of the labor that Alexander Skarsgärd and the the relaxation of The Northman’s cast put into the movie, you won’t must wait too lengthy. It’s even handed one of many thrilling 2022 recent movie releases – and it’s hitting theaters April 22. 

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