Regé-Jean Page’s SNL Debut Has Bridgerton Fans Swooning

From his onscreen smoldering to the sketch about Bridgerton's sex scenes, Page demonstrated his impeccable comic timing on the SNL stage.
Regé-Jean Page's SNL Debut Has Bridgerton Fans Swooning
Regé-Jean Page’s SNL Debut Has Bridgerton Fans Swooning

Understandably, viewers were pretty excited when Bridgerton’s heartthrob, Regé-Jean Page, hosted Saturday Night Live, especially as the Duke of Hastings wasn’t afraid to reference his incredibly sexy role.

In his opening monologue, Page addressed Bridgerton’s X-rated scenes, and the fact that he plays the dashing leading man in the Netflix hit.

“It’s a bit of a racy show,” Page said, “and because of that, people may associate me with being this smoldering, sensual, smokeshow of a man. But I assure you, I’m just a regular guy, and I’m here to show you a good time. I want us to have fun together, to explore each other. Well, does that sound pleasing to you?” Audience members immediately shouted words of affirmation at the actor, and several women from the cast offered to be Page’s liaisons for the evening.

One of the show’s sketches made fun of Bridgerton’s many sex scenes, with two creepy “intimacy coordinators” showing up on set. As you can imagine, things didn’t go quite to plan.

Page also put in an appearance in a musical sketch called “Loco” alongside Bad Bunny, and in another segment, he regaled the wonders of “driver’s license” by Olivia Rodrigo to a group of male friends over a game of pool.

The actor also found himself applying for a job with a scrupulous boss. All we know is, we’d hire Page, like, literally on the spot.

The Bridgerton star’s ease on the SNL stage also shows that he’s more than ready to tackle a comedic role in the near future.