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Record-Breaking Jeopardy Champ Amy Schneider Recalls How She Was Originally Supposed To Be On The Show Before Alex Trebek Passed Away

Amy Schneider’s historical displaying on Jeopardy! came at a involving time for the longtime quiz elaborate. No longer easiest has the elaborate considered an uncommon change of prolonged runs in the previous couple of years, it’s mild making an attempt to permanently replace legendary host Alex Trebek, who died in November 2020. Schneider, the most fantastic lady in Jeopardy! history to surpass the million-greenback tag and first out transgender contestant to qualify for the Tournament of Champions, was once presupposed to appear on the elaborate prolonged sooner than she made her debut November 17, 2021 — truly, she was once first scheduled to be on when Trebek was once mild the host. 

When Jeopardy! contestants dawdle their final round of interviews, they dawdle into an inspiring pool, Amy Schneider no longer too prolonged ago recalled to EW, after her sufficient saunter ended at 40 video games. In the subsequent 18 months, you either gain the call to be on the elaborate, or you launch up the applying process sooner or later of again. Schneider got the call in 2020, and she or he recalled how COVID delays saved her out of the game till after Alex Trebek’s passing.

The first taping date that I was once scheduled for was once quickly sooner than Alex Trebek handed away. I clearly didn’t know that on the time, but I knew the time was once little, so I was once stunning happy that it looked esteem I’d in actuality managed to gain the likelihood to play with Alex. And then on the final minute, there was once some roughly COVID ingredient that canceled taping. They rescheduled me, and then, sooner than my next date to be there, Alex did dawdle away. And at that point, attributable to they’d already rescheduled me a few instances there, they ultimate build me on care for till they felt esteem issues had been trusty and settled down ultimate in vow to no longer need to care for rescheduling me.

What a queer roughly limbo Amy Schneider and all of the opposite doable Jeopardy! contestants must have felt at that time. Alex Trebek had been the elaborate’s host for 37 years, and all of a unexpected, no longer easiest did those in the pool no longer know if or when they’d make it on the elaborate, but they didn’t know whether or no longer or no longer it might possibly presumably be Trebek reading them the clues. It must had been particularly disappointing for those esteem Schneider, who had been scheduled to be on sooner than COVID wreaked havoc on accepted life as we knew it.

In the aftermath of Alex Trebek’s death, Jeopardy! went thru a change of customer hosts sooner than choosing govt producer Mike Richards to contain the gap. On the opposite hand, Richards came under fire for offensive statements he’d made on a podcast, and he was once eliminated as host and EP from every Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune. At the time Amy Schneider threw her toughen on the motivate of LeVar Burton — as many of us did — to replace Trebek, but she talked about she cherished every of the elaborate’s recent co-hosts, as dilapidated champion Ken Jennings and Call Me Kat basic particular person Mayim Bialik had been tapped because the semi-permanent replacements.

That lengthen between when Amy Schneider was once first scheduled to appear on Jeopardy! and when she in actuality did also can have prevented her from assembly Alex Trebek, but it indubitably moreover can also need helped her full such a sufficient bustle on the elaborate. Jeopardy! has considered prolonged runs in the previous couple of years, no longer ultimate from Schneider, but moreover from Matt Amodio — who won 38 video games — and Jonathan Fisher, who won 11. As one Jeopardy! producer shot down the premise that the clues are getting more straightforward, yet any other belief for the cluster of streaks is that the scorching contestants had that extra time to behold. 

Confidently that frigid $1.4 million in Amy Schneider’s checking story is adequate to make up for any lingering disappointment she feels about no longer assembly the memoir. The Jeopardy! Nationwide Faculty Championship begins at 8 p.m. ET Tuesday, February 8, on ABC, which is ready to be hosted by Mayim Bialik, and make certain to take a look at out our 2022 TV Agenda to discover what other premieres are coming quickly.

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