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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City’s Jen Shah Refutes Co-Star Jennie Nguyen’s New Claims Amid Facebook Controversy

Following her first season on the Right Housewives of Salt Lake Metropolis, Jennie Nguyen faced a first-rate backlash from fans – but now no longer for anything else associated to the showcase. Weak Fb posts of hers came to gentle that criticized the Gloomy Lives Topic movement and protests in 2020 against police brutality, with phrases fancy “BLM thugs” and “violent gangs” being historical to focus on with protesters. Nguyen turned into as soon as in the center of filming Season 3 of the showcase, and her co-superstar Jen Shah publicly spoke back at the time they had “shit to chat about.” But now no longer prolonged after, Bravo fired the newcomer due to the the rising controversy. Nguyen has since made fresh claims in the wake of her laying aside, which Shah herself is flat out refuting.

After her ousting, Jennie Nguyen took to her Instagram Dwell to claim her part. Loads turned into as soon as mentioned, but one in all her most contentious claims turned into as soon as that she didn’t if reality be told post quite quite a bit of the Fb feedback in query. Nguyen referred to having a social media group of workers “serving to” her for the time being but that it didn’t “if reality be told topic” whether or now no longer it turned into as soon as them or her posting because she turned into as soon as taking the “corpulent obligation.” Right Housewives of Salt Lake Metropolis‘s Jen Shah slammed the statements in a statement on Truth Rundown’s repost of the Dwell, announcing,

She’s lying and she or he already admitted to my face she posted every and every person of these disgusting posts HERSELF. The reality she brings a Gloomy man on her IG Dwell exact confirms she has now no longer realized neither is she sorry. Right here is Performative Slacktivism at its most attention-grabbing. (No Slacktivism wasn’t a typo). I am hoping Jennie can produce the actual work this would possibly occasionally decide to develop and commerce her racist, and islamophobic views.

Other viewers echoed Jen Shah’s points with the procedure Jennie Nguyen attempted to rectify the venture. Where Shah called it “performative slacktivism” for Nguyen to lift in a Gloomy friend of hers, fans labelled it Gloomy “tokenism” so that you would perhaps skirt obligation. Some had been even suggesting that the man turned into as soon as paid to focus on on Nguyen’s behalf as he did.

Even supposing Jennie Nguyen did sigh sorry in the midst of the dwell for insulting viewers and supporters with the “disgusting” Fb posts, she furthermore made varied claims in her defense. As an instance, Nguyen mentioned that she turned into as soon as now no longer a racist, yet her friend emphasized that folks cannot “play the escape card” in conjunction with her, simply because she had a Gloomy employee in her outdated companies. Additionally, the fired Right Housewives superstar reflected that she stands company in her “political stance” touching on the interval of time and that she is proud to have “an conception” and “freedom of speech” fancy all individuals else.

This isn’t the first racial controversy to rock the Right Housewives of Salt Lake Metropolis. Mary Cosby came below fireplace in Season 2 for several controversial feedback of her non-public, most particularly when she mentioned that Jennie Nguyen has “slanted eyes.” Cosby truly skipped the showcase’s reunion taping and has been curiously lacking from production for the third season.

It isn’t clear as of yet if Mary Cosby will indeed observe Jennie Nguyen out the Bravo door. But issues are taking a stare stormier by the day in Salt Lake Metropolis.

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