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Ranking of Kings Episode 18 Preview Released

Ranking of Kings will open episode 18 this Thursday, and the preview video for it has been released. It’s time to stare extra of Miranjo’s backstory, to boot to her assembly with King Bosse. Bebin might also procure the king in Daida’s physique, while Bojji is struggling against his worst match-up Ouken. Probabilities are you’ll possibly well possibly survey the preview:

Ranking of Kings – Episode 18 Preview

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Funimation streams the anime, and there are 17 episodes out for its as of February 10, 2021. Episode 18 will open on February 10 at 00: 45 JST, and the preview finds its title to be “Fight with the Gods”. If you ride the episode, you’ll be in a location to vote for it because the better of the week.

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