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Ramonchu to the chimes of Twitch and Samantha Hudson to Atresmedia Christmas: the digital world and television exchange talent

It is increasingly common for television and new video platforms such as Twitch and YouTube to exchange talent and proposals. The success of content creators on social networks has been based on connecting with the audience through new languages, alien to those of the classic media. But, at the same time, they often look to the generalist networks and find inspiration in the fashionable television series or in an act as traditional as the bells.

The end of the year programming is showing several examples of this continuous generational transfer. A figure as iconoclastic as Samantha Hudson, who found success in the virtual world before jumping to classic formats such as MasterChef Celebrity and Pasapalabra , He will star in a Christmas special this December 19 on AtresPlayer, Atresmedia's on-demand television service. Meanwhile, a television classic like Ramón García makes the leap to Twitch, the live broadcast platform owned by Amazon, to broadcast the bells and drink the grapes with the Basque influential Ibai Llanos. For a large part of society living in 2021 there are no differences between one and the other.

Public channels, such as La 1 de TVE, incorporate faces of the digital universe as a way to rejuvenate their audience, through their website and their Playz platform. Rocío Romero, better known as RoEnLaRed for her 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, this year has recorded unpublished videos with the participants of MasterChef Celebrity 6 available on the page and on the networks social programs. In the private sphere, Mediaset offers this type of videos on a platform created expressly to host them, Mtmad.

The actress Verónica Forqué with the 'youtuber' RoEnLaRed in one of the exclusive contents of 'MasterChef Celebrity 6' for the internet.

Without reaching the tens of thousands of euros it costs to put the last or the first commercial of the year on television, video platforms and their stars also generate business. In October, Twitch was hacked , then reported Cinco Días , and much of the company's internal data leaked on internet forums. The platform's documents showed the alleged earnings of some of its most popular content creators and the direct payments they receive from users. These data reveal the 100 channels with the highest revenue from August 2019 to October 2021. According to the published list, the Spanish creator that would have generated the most money on Twitch would have been AuronPlay, which would occupy the ninth place in the world with about 2.64 million euros earned. It is followed by Ibai Llanos, with more than 2.3 million and who would rank 18th in the world.

To increase his line of business, Llanos often launches complaints among a more adult and general public such as Ramón García or the soccer player Gerard Piqué, with whom he organized one of his particular sports competitions, a World Globes, in October. In May of this year, the Basque already brought together more than a million spectators on average in the boxing evening in which well-known youtubers participated instead of professional athletes. Ibai himself calculated then that the cost of organizing it ranged between 100,000 and 120,000 euros. It was sponsored by commercial brands such as Mahou, ElPozo King, Everlast, JD Sports and the collaboration of Vodafone Yu.

The American youtuber Mr. Beast, 23 years old and whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, also has large budgets to create his videos. One of the most recent is inspired by the hit Netflix series The Squid Game . He recreated the expansive sets of the Korean production and summoned 456 participants to complete the auditions featured in it. He presented the winner with a prize of $ 456,000 (406,000 euros). The total cost he has invested in this game is 3.5 million dollars (3.12 million euros), he himself assured at the end of November on social networks: two million dedicated to production and another 1.5 million to cash prizes. It is sponsored by a video game, which occupies part of the 25-minute video posted on YouTube. In return, this recording already exceeds 130 million reproductions in just one week since its publication.

A model business to be defined

At the moment, Twitch is a platform that is still looking for the best way to monetize its content. One of the most direct sources of income is through the monthly subscription paid by channel subscribers. The lowering of the monthly subscription rates that occurred last summer, from 5 to the current 3.99 euros, was a measure designed by the company to attract wider audiences. Consider that this way the income will also be greater, even if it comes in other ways, such as the tips that users can send to content creators or the viewing of ads.

Despite offering one-off aids to compensate for the initial mismatch, the company's new measure did not convince content creators who attract that audience. Xamork, as Marco Cubí calls himself, then explained on Twitter that with this new business model he received half the money than before for the same work.

Another complaint of these digital workers is the high number of hours of content that YouTube and Twitch force them to generate to achieve benefits and incentives. The general secretary of UGT, Pepe Álvarez, announced this November 22 a network that would protect streamers , youtubers , instagramers, in order to “demand transparent algorithms, labor rights and generate social debate,” he explained from his Twitter account.

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