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Prok: “Ambition is what turns human beings into shit”

The rapper from Granada Prok , together with his brother Ayax, has become one of the new references of old school Spanish rap . Now he presents his latest album, 'Le cri de la rue' (2021), a work much more direct than the previous ones and in which rhymes prevail over the “harsh reality” of the neighborhoods.

Why this switch between 'Red and black' and 'Le cri de la rue'?

With the pandemic I think it was not the time to make such an album aesthetic and do something harder. Red and Black was a very pure rap album because it was based on the romantic and dark touch of the cursed French poets, while this one speaks more of the problems of the street. In addition, it includes three songs with somewhat different bases … It is a very street album, very hard and with a lot of social criticism for the things that are happening to people.

Do you rap to get rid of anger or to wake others up?

Both. I need to write to let off steam, to reconstruct my thinking and balance myself. And if later people can be asked questions, all the better.

He talks about his neighborhood, but without much romance. Criticizes, for example, those who play children's bread at the timba.

No, I don't want to romanticize. Grandma's pout is a good example: it talks about the injustices in my neighborhood . Rap romanticizes the neighborhood because it is the one that takes us out, but we do it from a real perspective because the neighborhood is screwed up.

What is the first thing to fix in a neighborhood like this?

That the difference with wealthy neighborhoods. There is no tough job for poor neighborhoods. They mark you out as marginal and that is why they do not fix the streets or the parks, they do not let anything get there and thus they condition you from the moment you are born to live a complicated life. It is the whiting that bites its tail. They stigmatize you and in the end, what happens, that people start selling drugs because they can't do anything else.

Is this Cry from the street a way to remind yourself of where it comes from after all the success accomplished?

Once the pandemic is over, I just want to talk about tough things, about what happens to people on the street. I don't feel like doing more aesthetic and thoughtful things.

But there is a new song, 'La calle Gritos', in which he seems to sing about anxiety and loneliness.

Yes, and about inner struggle and fame. When you are sad and you are really bad, it is difficult to find the words to explain what happens to a person you do not know; sometimes I find it very complicated … “When you see me sad and alone, leave me cursed”, says the song. If you see me screwed up, leave me alone.

Would you trade fame for your life from before?

It would be cool to go back to having things that I had before and that were precious. For example, get to a place and be one more. Get to a beach, sit down and don't let anyone look at me. That was precious. Now I find it difficult to go unnoticed. But hey, if I want to reach a lot of people and I want to change minds, I have to assume popularity, let them look at me when I arrive at a beach or anywhere. As they said to Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Would you like to keep changing minds with other musics?

Rap will always be the cornerstone of my project because it is what I like the most. But I can't spend my life doing songs at 90 BPM because I would stop liking it …. My rap is untouchable, but, for example, I have enjoyed a lot doing a drill for the album, which is rap but with a different rhythm, and that's why I took it with a lot of desire. An artist always needs to prove himself.

In 'La calle Gritos' he warns that he is about to leave his twenties. Do you suffer getting older?

I do not know. Time fucks us all. Time sucks, bro, but you have to assume it. I get along fine, but it's scary to think that life is ending little by little.

In 2019 he said in an interview that the best thing that could happen to Earth is that the virus that It is the human being to disappear. It is almost prophetic.

If only. Planet Earth is not to blame for being constantly stabbed, slit and destroyed by a critter who thinks it is important. And that bug is the human being and his egoism. The best thing that can happen to the planet is for the human being to become extinct, because if four remain, they will begin to reproduce and reload it. Human beings do not know how to respect, ambition is what turns us into shit.

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