People Are Melting Down Over Rumors That Jennifer Aniston And David Schwimmer Are Really Dating IRL


Friends gave us many things, including hairstyles that only genuinely looked good on Jennifer Aniston, that would be best left in the 1990s. Could Ross and Rachel stand the test of time, though? Perhaps. The show’s writers saw fit to put them back together for the finale, and this week, unsubstantiated rumors swirled that Aniston and the actor who portrayed Ross, David Schwimmer, were together in real life. This really means nothing unless it’s confirmed because someone, obviously, decided to attribute random sources with the idea that they’d grown close after the Friends reunion. Like, someone just tossed a molotov cocktail into the Internet and walked away like Angela Bassett in Waiting To Exhale, and the end result is sheer chaos.

As it turned out, the idea of Ross and Rachel together in real life was too much for people to handle (even as Aniston toasted her ex-husband, Justin Theroux, on his birthday), but at the same time, they’re here for it, with Janice’s most favorite utterance.

Soon enough, this started happening, and honestly, it was lovely to see people get so worked up over something, you know, fun, rather than a crisis.

Then, everyone started melting down while unironically noting their own ridiculousness at caring about Ross and Rachel IRL.

couldn’t care less about celebrity gossip lol wouldn’t catch me giving a fuck ab- WHAT DO YOU MEAN DAVID SCHWIMMER AND JENNIFER ANISTON ARE DATING

— three steaks pam (@alexandrakuri) August 10, 2021

I know it’s ridiculous. With everything going on in the World right now who gives a flying fuck about which celebrities are dating….oh WAIT A MINUTE are you SERIOUS…Ross and Rachel omg…😂🤣

— mattyJW (@MattyJW_86) August 10, 2021

Yes, “collectively losing their sh*t” is a great way to describe this situation.

Maybe these two can even bring about “world peace.” Go ahead and laugh!

If David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston are legit dating I think this is the one chance we have as a planet for world peace.

— Rachel McGarvey (@McGarveyDraws) August 10, 2021

And if you thought you were surprised at this rumor, imagine how Aniston and Schwimmer might feel? Being famous must feel so weird.