‘Parks And Recreation’ Band Mouse Rat Release Two More Favorites From ‘The Awesome Album’

Fans of the fictional Indiana town of Pawnee and its inhabitants received some unexpected but awesome news last month: Mouse Rat, the fictional Parks And Recreation band led by Chris Pratt’s Andy Dwyer, is releasing an album album, The Awesome Album. The initial announcement was accompanied by the release of “5,000 Candles In The Wind (Bye Bye Li’l Sebastian),” and now Mouse Rat has shared two other favorites: “The Pit” and “Two Birds Holding Hands.”

Mouse Rat manager April Ludgate Dwyer says of the new songs, “Shut up and stop asking me stuff or I’m going to murder you a thousand times.” Pawnee Journal reporter Shauna Newport also noted, “My favorite song on the new album is ‘The Pit’ because it brings back some special memories… of my reporting… at the pit.”

Aside from Mouse Rat, the album also features contributions from other characters from the series, including Duke Silver (the jazz-playing alter-ego of Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson), Scott Tanner (a Pawnee musician portrayed by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy), and Tanner’s band Land Ho! (which famously reunited at the Pawnee-Eagleton Unity Concert).

Listen to “The Pit” and “Two Birds Holding Hands” above.

The Awesome Album is out 8/27 via Dualtone/Entertainment 720. Pre-order it here.