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Oxfam pushes for covid vaccine patents to be released

The NGO Oxfam Intermón calls on the Government of Spain to expand its commitment to donate vaccines against covid-19 and accelerate your compliance, “far from what was announced”, and also requests that the Executive work so that the suspend the patents .

In a statement, Oxfam warns that in six weeks, from November 11 to December 21, the EU, the United Kingdom and the United States have received 513 million doses of vaccines, more than the 500 million doses that have reached African countries in a whole year.

According to the data provided by this organization, only 8.6% of the African population has a complete guideline vaccination and calculate that at the current rate, the first dose will not reach all the inhabitants of these countries until April 2023, despite the fact that the 78% would be willing to be vaccinated.

They also calculate that the excess dose of G7 countries from now until March 2022 will be 1,400 million doses after the boost injection, despite which “they are not complying with their donation commitments “.

Therefore, they point to the governments of rich countries as the “culprits” of prolonging the pandemic ” by blocking real solutions for access to vaccines in the poorest countries, since “the low coverage of vaccines in the global south” could, according to experts, have created the favorable conditions for the appearance of a variant such as omicron.

They argue that most countries, including the United States, support India and South Africa's proposal to suspend patents , a step that, they stress, has been prevented by the United Kingdom, the EU and Switzerland. If this barrier were removed, a hundred manufacturers could produce messenger RNA vaccines.

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And also charges against Pfizer and Moderna for refusing to share vaccine technology and also ugly that all the major vaccine suppliers have boycotted the common fund for access to covid-19 technology (C-TAP) of the WHO, designed to share progress against the coronavirus.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has warned in international meetings, such as the G-20 last October, that Donations are not enough and he has advocated increasing the production of vaccines in the world and finding balanced solutions to the debate on patents.

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