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Ortega y Gasset Awards 2021

An elderly woman celebrates her birthday in a nursing home in Ourense, in 2020. Brais Lorenzo


The women who won the desert, by Isabela Ponce, describes the struggle of four women in a semi-desert area of ​​Ecuador to bring water to their crops. It was published in the Ecuadorian media GK, specialized in environment, transparency and gender.

Better multimedia coverage: 'A lounge, a bar and a class'

A lounge, a bar and a class, published by Mariano Zafra and Javier Salas in Newsfresh, uses the visual narrative to explain in a very simple way how health measures stop the spread of coronavirus in three different, very everyday scenarios. This article received more than 12 million readers in its first days of publication and was praised by numerous international experts.

Best photography: Brais Lorenzo

Brais Lorenzo, from the EFE agency, wins the award for Best photography with an image titled Birthday . In it you see a nonagenarian woman, Elena Pérez, celebrating her 98 years in a nursing home in Ourense, Galicia.

Professional career: Carlos Fernando Chamorro

Carlos Fernando Chamorro Professional Career Award, is a Nicaraguan investigative journalist. From his youth he openly supported the fight to overthrow the dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza in his country, the same one that assassinated his father when he was director of La Prensa. He has worked as a reporter, directed documentaries and has served as Vice Minister of Culture of the Government. Currently directs the medium Confidencial, presents the television program This Week and is a member of the Governing Council of the Foundation Gabo for Ibero-American journalism. In January 2019, a victim of threats by the Daniel Ortega regime, he went into exile in Costa Rica seeking political asylum. He stayed there for 10 months and returned to Nicaragua in November 2019.

The The jury for this 38th edition has been composed of Jordi Amat, writer; Beatriz Corredor, president of the Red Eléctrica Group; Isabel Peña, screenwriter; Borja Sémper, Director of Institutional Relations at EY; Raquel Yotti, director of the Carlos III Health Institute; Javier Moreno, director of Newsfresh; Carlos Yárnoz, Newsfresh's Ombudsman, and Ana Pantaleoni, editor-in-chief of Newsfresh in Catalonia and member of the Editorial Committee. As secretary of the jury, Pedro Zuazua, Director of Communication of Prisa Noticias, has served without the right to vote.

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