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One Piece Releases 24th Opening by I Don’t Like Mondays

ONE PIECE launched episode 1005 on Sunday, and it started with the show’s 24th opening. The Jap rock band I Don’t Treasure Mondays performs the fresh theme tune, and its title is “PAINT”. It comes over a year and a half of after ‘DREAMIN’ ON’ by Da-iCE, which ran for 69 episodes since August 2, 2020. Gaze the the fresh opening (24th) for ONE PIECE:

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The 24th opening is decided to be venerable because the anime goes by some of a very unparalleled ONE PIECE moments to this point. Episode 1005 will unlock in about an hour on both Funimation and Crunchyroll, and its title is “The Energy of Ice Oni! A Unusual Version of the Plague Rounds!” You will additionally earn to basically the most unusual One Part manga chapter gratis on both VIZ web online page online or MANGA Plus. The fresh chapter will additionally unlock later at the fresh time.

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