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One Piece Chapter 1043: Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Countdown, Read Manga Online

The Luffy vs Kaido battle continues and as the two prepare to attack each other, the lead CP0 agent arrives and holds Luffy back, and now fans are waiting for the next exciting chapter of One Piece. So let’s look at everything you need to know about including its release date One Piece Chapter 1043 raw scans leaks, and spoilers.

Now let’s get started with the breakdown of One Piece Chapter 1043. Every fan who is keeping up with manga is excited about the recent development in the manga series. The series is going strong with over surpassing 1000 chapters and fans are very excited to see the awaited battle between Luffy and Kaido. The two continues their fight on the rooftop. On the other hand, some interesting development is taking place on the out shores of Wano. Kaidou is completely shocked, his expression is heartbreaking when he sees that the same thing that happened with Oden has happened again.

One Piece Chapter 1043 Release Date & Time

Chapter 1043 of One Piece is scheduled to release on Sunday March 13th, 2022. The series is on break this week. As you know One Piece is published under Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, where a new chapter comes out every Sunday. The raw scans will be available on Friday and fan translations on the forthcoming day.

Release Time

Now as for our international audience the official English translations for the latest chapter will be available by the following date and time in the following countries below:

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM on Sunday
  • Central Time: 11 AM on Sunday
  • Eastern Time: Noon on Sunday
  • British Time: 5 PM on Sunday
Countdown For Ch. 1043

One Piece Chapter 1043 Raw Scans, Spoilers and Leaks Sections

  • One Piece 1042 Raw Scans Status: Not Available Yet

As of writing the raw scans for One Piece Chapter 1041 have not been released. The raw scans usually come out around Thursday or Friday As soon as the raw scans are available we will update the article. The scanlation process takes some time however, for a popular title like One Piece it won’t take more than a few hours.

The scans are leaked from Japan and then they are translated by translators around the world and then they are published online by them.

Update: The Spoilers are now out

  • Chapter 1043: Lets Die Together
  • -Cover: Oven arrives at Whole Cake Island
  • -Narrator: Kaido wins -The CP0 agent gets trampled.
  • -The CP0 agent has a farewell scene but you cannot tell if he is dead, although the scene implies he is
  • -Kawamatsu asks the samurai to escape, there is no honor if you burn to death
  • -Kaido arrives inside the castle and says Luffy is dead. He also says that Momo has to give up
  • -Kid and Law feel that Luffy lost and go to fight
  • -Nami calls Kaido a snake and a liar. Kaido attacks Nami but Marco defends her
  • -Kaido will fight until Momo gives up -Nekomamushi and Carrot also go to fight
  • -Momo wants to give up and not let anyone die but Yamato tells him no
  • -Yamato: Lets die together -Zunesha: I heard it, I heard that sound that I didn’t hear in 800 years
  • -Momo: What did you hear?
  • -Zunesha: The Drums of Liberation, there is no doubt, He is here!
  • -Momo: Who??
  • -Zunesha: Joyboy……..has come back
  • -In a crazy panel, Luffy’s body melts and his strawhats does as well, something happens to him
  • -The name of the fruit isn’t mentioned in the chapter
  • -The comment of the editor is “The man Laughs in silent
  • -Break Next week

Before moving ahead here is a quick summary of what had happened so far in the story:

Previous Chapter Summary

X Drake has stabbed the CP0 agent from behind. As he coughs up blood, the agent asks Drake why he’s interfering with him, and Drake answers that it is because he follows his own justice. The agent tells Drake he envies him before using Shigan on his throat to break free.

In the Flower Capital, the people are writing wishes and setting them adrift in the sky in their sky lanterns, while on the roof of Onigashima, Kaidou is continuously pummeled by Luffy’s attack, and when he blocks one punch, he gets hit in three more spots. He admits his attacks are hurting him as he realizes that Luffy is altering the trajectory of his punches at whim. He once again tells him his attacks hurt as he goes into Amae Jogo, which angers Luffy at the fact that he’s still drunk.

Kaidou then goes into Nusubito Jogo mode and transforms into his full dragon form to finally escape Luffy’s onslaught, where he then bites and swallows Luffy. Kaidou flies up into the air and once he’s high enough, he opens his mouth, letting Luffy fall, but also firing Bolo Breath at him, the attack piercing straight through the island and blowing Luffy down through the hole.

Luffy, however, escapes the blast and changes into Boundman to fly back up to him. He declares that this is his last Gear Fourth and he no longer has any time to waste to beat him. He yells to Kaidou that the people of Wano will continue to starve and go thirsty as long as he remains just as he prepares to use the move Gomu Gomu no: Over Kong Gun.

Where to read online?

All the latest and previous chapters of One Piece can be read online through VIZ’s website or else you can Shueisha’s English manga portal Mangaplus.

You can also download Viz’s ShonenJump App or Mangaplus’s official app on your Android and IOS smartphones. The last option available is to wait for the physical release of its volume by VIZ or your local licensor.

We insist that you read the latest chapters through official sources instead of unofficial and illegal sites if you truly wish to support its creators for their continuous hard work and efforts.

About One Piece

One Piece Poster

The story centres around Monkey D. Luffy, a youngster who, motivated by his youth symbol and incredible privateer “Red-Haired” Shanks, sets off on an excursion from the East Blue Sea to locate the nominal prize and broadcast himself the King of the Pirates. With an end goal to sort out his own team, the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy saves and becomes a close acquaintance with a fighter named Roronoa Zoro, and they head off looking for the One Piece.

They are participated in their excursion by Nami, a guide and criminal; Usopp, an expert marksman and an obsessive liar; and Vinsmoke Sanji, a womanizing cook. They obtain a boat named the Going Merry and participate in encounters with famous privateers of the East Blue.

As Luffy and his group set out on their experiences, others join the team later in the arrangement, including Tony Chopper, a specialist and humanized reindeer; Nico Robin, an excavator, and previous professional killer; Franky, a cyborg shipwright; Brook, a skeletal performer, and fighter; and Jimbei, a fish-man helmsman and previous individual from the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

When the Going Merry gets harmed destroyed, the Straw Hat Pirates procure another boat named the Thousand Sunny. Together, they experience different privateers, abundance trackers, criminal associations, progressives, mystery specialists and fighters of the degenerate World Government, and different companions and adversaries, as they sail the oceans in the quest for their fantasies.

That’s it for this article. By the way, you can also check out our article on Idaten Deities Season 2 and Best Ecchi Anime.

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