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One of the great scholars of Aristotle

Enrico Berti, 86 years old, emeritus professor at the University of Padua, the city in which he died, was president of the Italian Philosophical Society and honorary president of the International Institute of Philosophy.

He was famous throughout the world for his studies on Aristotle. His research focused mainly on the main authors of the so-called ancient philosophy, from Thales of Miletus, the greatest of the so-called seven sages of Greece, considered the first philosopher, until the first thinkers of the Middle Ages.

For almost forty years, Enrico Berti was Professor of the History of Philosophy at the University of Padua. In the academic world, he acquired the reputation of being one of the greatest connoisseurs of ancient philosophy and in particular of Aristotelian thought.

He dedicated his life of study and many of his books to the Greek philosopher, seeing his traces in contemporary metaphysics, ethics and politics.

On Aristotle, considered, due to the breadth and depth of his knowledge, one of the most innovative, prolific and influential minds of all time, Enrico Berti addressed the entirety of his thought, writing about thirty books that relate the Aristotelian dialectic with the modern and contemporary thought.

Professor Berti delved into the debated question of the relationship between philosophy and science, trying to define the specificity of philosophy, which is based on a rationality that cannot be compared with the scientific, but with dialectics and rhetoric.

The rector of the University of Padua, Daniela Mapelli, when announcing his death, stressed that “the emeritus professor Enrico Berti, a philosopher of the highest level, was one of the greatest scholars of ancient thought, but not only. A person of great generosity and courteous humane treatment, always available for dialogue, he trained students who now spread his thoughts in universities around the world “, has commented the rector Mapelli.

In college, many young people were trained with his book 'History of philosophy. From ancient times to the present day ', which Enrico Berti wrote with Franco Volpi, professor of the History of Philosophy.

His numerous publications include: 'At the beginning it was the wonder. The great questions of ancient philosophy '(Laterza, 2008); 'The search for truth in philosophy' (Studium, 2014). His last book was 'Aristotelianism', published by 'Il Mulino' in 2017.

For his exceptional contribution to the cultural field, Enrico Berti was named Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Republic.

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