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Ómicron forces the Brazilian carnival to be postponed to April 21

The venue that hosts the most famous carnival in the world, that of Rio de Janeiro, with parades full of light, color and lots of dancing, will remain that way for now. Closed to lime and song. The health authorities fear that the Omicron virus will sneak into the party and cause a new shock to the health system, already saturated and tired after two years of pandemic. Although it will only be a postponement, until April 21, the date they trust, Omicron will no longer be such a severe threat, after reaching its peak in February. The decision has been taken after a meeting between the mayors of the two main Brazilian cities, Rio de Jsaneiro and Sao Paulo.

Thus, the parades of the carnival samba schools will shine again in all their splendor in spring in both cities animated by comparsas and bands before millions of people dedicated to this popular party. Brazil has been one of the countries most affected by covid in the world and this new variant has once again left record figures with more than 117,800 infections per day. However, it has been decided to postpone the party and not to cancel it, aware that this festive event generates thousands of jobs and leaves considerable income in the country. -Writing-

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