‘Obsessed’: Justin Chon On Why Indie Movies Are Having A Moment

This summer, everyone’s heading back to the movies but what does that mean for the indie filmmaking scene?

Whether you’ve been streaming Oscar-winning titles like Nomadland at home this past year or you’re hoping your local arthouse theater opens up soon, indie films are dominating the conversation when it comes to pop culture. So, of course, we had to get our resident entertainment gurus to weigh in on the movie industry’s changing landscape in a way only they could.

Obsessed host Taylour Chanel is joined this time by actress, Youtuber, and all-around queen Drew Dorsey as the pair take a look at how indie movies have shifted mainstream recently. The ladies dig into what that means for representation on film — and how Hollywood greenlighting more indies means we’re getting some totally kick-a** storytelling on-screen before welcoming actor-turned-director Justin Chon (you might recognize him from the Twilight franchise) to get his insight on how movie-making has evolved thanks to the current streaming era.

Chon’s Blue Bayou was just picked up by Focus Features after screening at the Cannes virtual film market and it’s set to drop sometime this summer. Before it does, Chon chatted with our hosts about the long journey from script to screen, his past indie work, the increased diversity he’s seeing in front of (and behind) the camera, and why movie-lovers really should be going all-in when it comes to indie films this blockbuster season.