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Obi-Wan Kenobi: Why doesn’t it make sense that Leia would already know Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+ simply concluded its initial period, and fans have actually applauded the series, yet there is a plothole.

While Star Wars hasn’t released a brand-new movie given that 2019, followers of the galaxy-crossing sci-fi franchise have actually had a lot of brand-new content to take in, thanks to the many programs they’ve debuted on Disney+. After a little criticism from veteran followers of the franchise business, it seems the Star Wars train is officially back on course as each new program has actually been commended by critics as well as followers alike. The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, as well as Star Wars: Visions are probably several of the most effective jobs the franchise has ever before put out, as well as the people in charge seem figured out to stay on that course.

Keeping that in mind, some followers were a tad skeptical regarding the recent Obi-Wan Kenobi collection as well as how Star Wars would take care of a strongly established and also precious personality from deep space. Luckily, followers weren’t let down. The Obi-Wan Kenobi collection lately ended its initial season and also left veteran followers filled with nothing but sentimental love for the franchise they’ve ended up being so attached to over the past several years.

That being claimed, with a franchise extending virtually half a century, there were bound to be a couple of plotholes in the series that followers would certainly need to attempt as well as disregard on. One such plothole is Obi-Wan understanding Leia The period’s main story revolved around Obi-Wan conserving a young Leia to draw him out of hiding. While the series was action-packed and emotional, there are numerous issues that followers have to overlook.

Obi-Wan Should Have Been the Last Pick to Save Leia.

Do not get us wrong – the Obi-Wan Kenobi collection has actually been wonderful, Ewan McGregor returning to his function has been pure happiness, and also the young actress playing Leia is talented past idea. That does not change the truth that Obi-Wan ought to have been the very last person that Organa called in order to track Leia down.

Actually, Organa’s only play ought to have been to really send out an army after his child (like Leia stated he would certainly). It would certainly have been a lot more easy to understand action instead of keeping the whole public at night about his little girl’s kidnapping, as that information would have unavoidably gone out. Taking that out of the formula, it was extremely self-indulgent of Organa to ask Obi-Wan to come out of concealing to conserve his daughter. Despite understanding her real identity, Vader showed he wanted Kenobi dead more than anything. Drawing Obi-Wan out of concealing when Organa essentially had an entire military at his disposal simply to maintain the kidnapping a key was a pretty bad move for an old friend.

Leia Would Know She’s Force Sensitive

This could not feel like a noticeable solution, yet let’s simply think about it logically. We understand from Leia’s parents and also from minutes in the Star Wars sequels that she was, as a matter of fact, Force-sensitive, even though she didn’t get an opportunity to present those powers in the initial trilogy. Now, it was implied that the only factor she didn’t find out about her very own capabilities was that, like Luke, she had never heard about the Force in excellent depth prior to (which would certainly have made sense considering that Organa would certainly have wished to hide that expertise from her).

If a ten-year-old Leia had been saved by a Jedi, consisting of being rescued from falling off a building by being captured by the Force, it stands to factor that Leia would have found her Force level of sensitivity long prior to she did in previous Star Wars jobs. Heck, we as followers have admittedly all tried to utilize the Force, as well as we don’t even exist in a cosmos where the Force is an actual point. She would have definitely invested every waking hour of her youth attempting to duplicate the capacity if Leia had seen Obi-Wan actually make use of the Force.

Makes Leia’s Reaction to Ben’s Death in A New Hope Bittersweet

With an universe as wide and also big as Star Wars, the Kenobi series was bound to have a few plotholes. No one is complaining or evaluating regarding that. Yet if Leia had really been kidnapped and also conserved by Obi-Wan, spending as much time together as the two did during the season, then it absolutely would have stuck with her for the remainder of her life. She would have connected to Obi-Wan at the beginning of A New Hope since he had actually already conserved her when previously, not just because he had actually served together with her father in the Clone Wars.

When Obi-Wan ultimately fulfills his end from Vader in A New Hope, Luke gives an incredibly emotional reaction as his advisor and also buddy has simply been eliminated. But, chronologically talking, Leia seems to have spent even more time with the old Jedi than Luke ever did. Yet, when Ben dies, Leia acts as though she has beside no suggestion that Luke is sobbing about and also definitely does not show up sad.

Once more, the series needs to be forgiven for these small shortcomings because otherwise, there would not be any type of shake area for Star Wars to produce new content. It also needs to be aimed out, or else we as fans fail to remember the roots of where the precious franchise started.

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