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Norway brings the Warriors to their knees, who will fight for bronze

  • Turnovers, efficiency under sticks and Mork's scoring recital knock Spain down in Granollers

  • “The duel lasts two minutes; on Sunday we have another 'final'”, Silvia Navarro harangue

Spain will fight for the bronze on Sunday (2.30pm TDP) against Denmark in the Women's Handball World Cup . Despite the heat of the public of Granollers , Norway This Friday has been too great a rival for the Warriors in semi-finals (27-21). Based on claw, Spain arrived with a tie at halftime , but succumbed in the second half (without stopping fighting) against the current European champion and, above all, against Nora Mork , than with 8 goals avenged the defeat two years ago at the World Cup in Japan.

The Vipers Krisiansand winger was not in that impressive Spanish victory in Kumamoto – and neither was the goalkeeper Katrine Lunde , another key to the semifinal with 13 stops -, due to a complicated knee that has made him go under the knife 9 times. His tenacity this Friday earned him a pass to the final (the eighth of his team, which already has 30 international medals ) against France . The Olympic champion went back to Denmark, before which the Warriors will try to go down a single step, from silver to bronze.

“Two minutes of duel”

“, against Norway it was necessary to make a perfect match “, valued Silvia Navarro, the captain. “But we have two minutes of duel, on Sunday we have another final “, he added. “We have failed a lot face to door, and they kill you on the backlash”, reflected Silvia Arderius .

The defense of Spain, capital on the immaculate path that had led the national team to the semifinals, should be key to having options and starting the captain, Carmen Martín , was in charge of marking the line for both the Norwegians and their companions. Spain managed to contain the Scandinavians at the start (3-3), but then had a bad time due to a confluence of factors: lots of losses , little fluency in attack , some questionable referee decision and a point of bad luck with a shot at the post. “We have been doing nothing for five attacks, we have to be more courageous,” claimed José Ignacio Prades

after stopping the match with 7-3.

Arderius led that burst of courage to prevent the advantage from going to more. Against Germany they have already come back four goals, and against the almighty Norway they dreamed of doing so. Shandy Barbosa emerged together with Paula Arcos (key in the advance to change the dynamics of the game) to achieve an emotional injection in the last seconds of the first half: the defense of the last Norwegian attack ended in a steal and in a draw on the counterattack of Jennifer Gutiérrez (11-11), who blew up the Palau d'Esports de Granollers.

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But in the second half they kept coming Turnovers (up to 16) , and Norway punished them extremely, as demonstrated by 7 out of 7 by Kari Brattset Dale . After each loss, after each missed shot, even after conceding a goal came a counterattack and a Norwegian goal. Soon the Scandinavians were 21-16 that turned the final into a chimera. The medal, however, is still possible.

Norway, 27 – Spain, 21

Norway (11 + 16): Katrine Lunde (Silje Solberg ps), Sanna Solberg-Isaksen (3) , Veronica Kristiansen (3), Stine Oftedal (1), Nora Mörk (8, 3p), Kari Brattset (7) and Malin Aune-starting seven-; Henry Reistad (3), Emilie Arntzen, Vilde Ingstad, Moa Hoghdahl, Marit Jacobsen (1), Camilla Herrem, Kristine Breistol and Maren Aardahl (1).

Spain (11 + 10): Silvia Navarro (Merche Castellanos), Carmen Martín (2), Carmen Campos ( 1), Almudena Rodríguez, Kaba Gassama, Alexandrina Barbosa (5) and Jennifer Gutiérrez (3.1p) -starting seven-; Silvia Arderius (1), Eli Cesáreo (2) Irene Espínola, Paula Arcos (3), Maitane Etxeberría (1), Soledad López (1), Alícia Fernández (1) and Ainhoa ​​Hernández (1).

Referees: Tanja Kuttler and Maike Merz (German). Exclusions to Herrem, Brattset and Aardahl for Norway and Cesáreo and Arderius for Spain.

Partial: 1-1, 3-3, 6-3, 7-5, 9-7, 11-11 (rest-; 14-12, 16-14, 19-16 , 22-16, 24-17 and 27-21 (final).

Court: Palau d'Esports de Granollers before 3000 spectators.

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