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No Time To Die’s Special Effects Supervisor Finds Daniel Craig’s Contributions To The Team – Exclusive

“Daniel Craig has worked with us on every movie,” recounts Corbould. “He’s very exciting to obtain entangled with all the pieces we attain, so we obtain basically the most attention-grabbing outcomes. And particularly, on ‘No Time to Die,’ he was carefully all in favour of the sinking trawler sequence.” That’s the scene where Bond tries to put Felix, who is every bleeding to loss of life and drowning.

Corbould explained the construction of the gap: “We built your full space on esteem a spit-roast that will perhaps rotate 360 degrees, and sink into 20 foot of water. And I talked about early on to Daniel that he may perhaps perhaps honest level-headed approach down and rehearse with Jeffrey Wright since it was reasonably claustrophobic, and he wished to obtain mature to it. And he’s persistently very exciting to approach wait on down and rehearse. And we rehearse a pair of days, and in addition they got mature to it, sinking.”

That’s now now not to boom that there weren’t precautions. In step with Corbould, “There beget been hundreds security panels that you simply may perhaps push out if they got comparatively panicky, but Daniel and Jeffrey did a honest looking job, and it made a honest looking scene.”

“No Time To Die” is now available on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD.

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