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New interpreters keep the validity of 'Mazut' in the Lliure

  • Almost 10 years later, Baró d'evel takes up the show, which talks about the flight from a world that is coming below, giving prominence to Julien Cassier and Marlène Rostaing on the Gràcia stage

The Baró d'evel company reinvents itself and brings its acclaimed show 'Mazut' performed for the first time by actors different from the authors and executors of the piece. This time Blaï Mateu Trias and Camille Decourtye will not be on stage. Instead, in the Lliure de Gràcia will act at your command, as of December 29, Julien Cassier and Marlène Rostaing .

“This piece had not been seen much. Doing it with other interpreters allows us to work in a different way with people with whom we have an affinity: Julien and Marlène they are also creators and, as such, they have brought new things to the work “, says Mateu. Like him and Decourtye, the new couple is very versatile, capable both of singing, dancing, acting and “connecting” with their language, “which is different,” he adds. The basis of the show is the same. “Everything is quite the same, the assembly is faithful to the original but this, of course, adapts to them, who are younger,” he says. They now have to interpret those characters that mutate, transform and evolve before the viewer.

Total validity

'Mazut' was released at the Mercat de les Flors in 2012 but it has not lost an iota of validity. “He speaks of the flight from a world that is collapsing with a multidisciplinary language”, comments the director. “Confinement has allowed us to go further, deepen and mature it more.”

'Mazut', which means 'change' in Greek, was the Baró d'evel's first collaboration with Mal Pelo , the dance company of María Muñoz and Pep Ramis, and also with the artist Benoît Bonnemaison-Fitte . 'Mazut' was an important change for us that allowed us to grow and develop later 'Beasts', 'Là' and 'Falaise'. “The work speaks of the need to return to the natural essence of the human being, to recover animality and instinct, with a poetic and intimate staging, where the sounds of nature and of one's own body create a whole universe combining elements of circus, dance, music and plastic arts.


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    Baró d'evel continues with other projects. He has 'Falaise' on tour and an interesting project underway to commemorate the 20 years of the company. “The stoppage due to the pandemic has given us time to think and reevaluate our work. We are preparing a book not so much about our trajectory but about the uniqueness of our artistic world and our way of working “. The book, probably self-published, will have more pictures than words and will be called 'Les beaux gestes', title that reflects both the beauty of his gestures on stage and the deeper gestures that permeate the philosophy of life of this interesting French-Catalan company based near Toulouse.

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    Sicilian director Emma Dante presents 'Mercy', one of the hits of the last Avignon Festival. It can only be seen three days in Montjuïc, from December 28 to 30. This co-production by the Piccolo Teatro di Milano and the Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale is a contemporary fable about identity, motherhood and gender violence. Its protagonists are three women, three prostitutes who live in a paltry room they share with Arturo, a hyperactive boy.

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