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NCIS: Hawai’i Just Revealed A Connection To Mark Harmon’s Gibbs, And I’m Ready For The NCIS Crossover

Spoilers ahead for the January 24 episode of NCIS: Hawai’i on CBS, known as “Spies, Fragment 2.”

NCIS: Hawai’i brought its first-ever two-parter to a shut with “Spies, Fragment 2,” which dealt a deepest blow to Jane Tennant by confirming her worst fears about Maggie betraying the usa. The story was instructed with the investigation into Maggie in the uncover as well to thru flashbacks, to the sooner days in their friendship. Within the job, the Hawai’i-set up of living spinoff published a enjoyable connection to Model Harmon’s Gibbs, and now I’m willing to affix a crossover that might perchance remark Gibbs to the Aloha Inform for an episode! 

The Gibbs connection came thru a flashback, when a youthful Maggie was sharing an opportunity with a youthful (and extra brunette) Tennant that might have allowed her to reach to her household in the usa while aloof working for the U.S. authorities, despite the very fact that she needed to offer up her gig with the CIA to attain it. It appears, Tennant made quite an affect on Gibbs when they worked collectively in Kabul, because of he asked Maggie to offer Tennant his industry card, with a message scrawled on the abet:

(Image credit score: CBS)

That just isn’t going to be Model Harmon in the flesh, however a Gibbs rule making an appearance is more healthy than nothing in any admire! While flashback Tennant at the foundation dismissed the premise of fixing valid into a “Navy cop,” Maggie vouched for him as “upright folks.” Of course, Maggie’s be aware might perchance well not count for therefore unheard of for Tennant anymore in the uncover desirous about all the pieces that befell in the two-parter, however Tennant obviously took the opportunity from Gibbs. 

And so it’s due to the Gibbs that Tennant is an NCIS agent in Hawai’i and superstar of the most up-to-date spinoff! Even even though NCIS: Hawai’i was the indispensable of the franchise spinoffs that didn’t birth thru a backdoor pilot, it aloof has a solid connection to NCIS due to the Gibbs bringing in Tennant abet in the day. 

I’m able to’t be the friendly one who wishes to gaze Gibbs pay Tennant and Co. a talk over with in Hawai’i now, real? He just isn’t going to be full of life with NCIS anymore after leaving the job in the abet of for retirement in Alaska, however completely there are aloof quite a bit of how in which he might perchance well be necessary, and it is also enjoyable to gaze how his character operates amongst the Hawai’i-primarily based completely agents versus his worn crew abet in D.C.

Of course, fans of the long-established NCIS might perchance well be extra hopeful to secure him abet to that time to sooner than searching to gaze him off in the Aloha Inform, as there is rarely any confirmation of when Gibbs might perchance return to his outdated stomping grounds after Model Harmon made up our minds to step away. That point to brought in a newcomer to substitute Gibbs, and the total Gibbs updates (in conjunction with a wide one to initiate the original 365 days) have reach with him off show. One thing that has been confirmed, nonetheless, is that a crossover between two of the three recent NCIS shows is on the skill

NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i are indeed crossing over with one but one more on March 28, with Wilmer Valderrama’s Torres (who ideal went thru an ordeal on his get point to) and Katrina Law’s Knight leaving the mainland to use an investigation to Hawai’i! Gibbs presumably won’t be eager, however what’s not to tackle about nearer ties between the shows in the lengthy-running franchise, in particular after NCIS: Current Orleans came to an end abet in 2021? 

For now, you might perchance well be in a living to appear forward to ticket original episodes of NCIS: Hawai’i on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS, all of a sudden following episodes of NCIS. For additional of what to see and when to tune in, don’t neglect to verify out our listing of 2022 TV premiere dates

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