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NCIS Fans Already Planning For Tiva Reunion Following Michael Weatherly’s Bull Exit At CBS

When Michael Weatherly vacated the aim of NCIS’ Tony DiNozzo Jr. in 2016 after 13 seasons, followers straight started plotting for the persona’s eventual return, even as the actor’s note-up drama Bull grew to change into a preferred sequence in its like merely. Now, nearly six years later, Weatherly dropped the gorgeous bombshell that he’s bowing out of Bull at the conclusion of Season 6, with plans to retract his career in other creative instructions. Which, certainly, arrangement that NCIS viewers straight started hoping that his up to this point career path will loop support spherical to his veteran gig on the network to your entire fine reunions, in conjunction with one with Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David.

Michael Weatherly published his fine exit news two days earlier than Season 6’s eleventh episode, with one other eleven episodes location to air within the arrival months. That’s a wonderful deal of time for the actor to land one other fine purpose in different places on the shrimp veil, or for him to dispute he’s got characteristic movie plans in thoughts. But within the meanwhile, followers fetch been glowing single-minded on Twitter concerning what Weatherly must assemble next. (Hint: it rhymes with “schme-uniting with Schmiva on Schmen-CIS.”) Posts equivalent to the one seen below started doping up as procedural TV viewers started launching their hopes up into the clouds. 

Is it time for Particular Agent Anthony DiNozzo to originate his return? #NCIS 18, 2022

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And whereas the straightforward map to be seeing Tony DiNozzo again on NCIS out of context is okay sufficient for all of .5 seconds, it doesn’t retract prolonged for the premise of seeing all americans’s celebrated veteran agent-coupling again to retract over.  

#MichaelWeatherly leaving @BullCBS might well we be getting a chance for that #Tiva reunion #NCIS 19, 2022

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Obvious, there had been potentially Bull fanatics who shared their very like spacious-upset reactions on social media, nonetheless it certainly gave the affect like a wonderful deal of these responses had been dwarfed by followers addressing the cancellation news alongside requests for #TivaTime as soon as extra. Akin to this Twitter person:

My heart merely skipped a pair of beats @M_Weatherly. So unhappy to appreciate #Bull discontinue, treasure seeing you on TV, But so extremely inflamed to think merely per chance a brand fresh Team leader, is probably going to be provocative support to WASHINGTON! Woop Woop Very Particular Agent Anthony DiNozzo approach on down #NCIS #tonyzivatully

The Twitter fan below didn’t even pump the brakes at merely the premise of Michael Weatherly returning to NCIS, nonetheless moreover threw out a demand for Sunless Angel repeats to air extra. No longer for a revival or one thing else, nonetheless merely the repeats, which is per chance the extra sane possibility in this technology of continuation sequence. 

Oh dear that’s unhappy I treasure the ensemble full discontinue does this mean that you just must be bringing Tony dinozzo support with Ziva? that will likely be absolutely unheard of and likewise you repeatedly appreciated that prove. Wish they’d prove reruns of dusky angel I treasure that one with you and Jessica Alba.

For anybody who wishes to don a tin-foil hat whereas standing in entrance of a account-draped corkboard, Michael Weatherly’s Bull announcement occurring at some level of the the same season as NCIS losing Ticket Harmon’s Gibbs is one thing adjoining to future. 

there might be now not any system in hell that harmon merely left ncis and now weatherly coincidentally merely left bull. no system. he’s gotta be coming support. if i obtain dinozzo support i’m so sorry for the person i change into.January 19, 2022

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Realistically speaking, it’s laborious to gauge how likely Michael Weatherly’s return to NCIS will likely be, both on a full-time or a cameo foundation. Whereas the creative team did bring Cote de Pablo’s Ziva support in Season 17 for a handful of episodes, the storyline (and de Pablo herself) made it sound as if the characters weren’t destined to be together again, for safety’s sake. That mentioned, Weatherly has maintained a unswerving reference to necessary of the solid, each and every previous and fresh, so DiNozzo’s solo return isn’t basically the most outlandish idea. That mentioned, the actor has confronted some backlash over time, in particular the build Eliza Dushku’s Bull firing is enthusiastic, in dispute that and other doubtlessly controversial issues might well play into it.

Whereas maintaining the hype alive, tune into fresh episodes of Bull every Thursday evening on CBS at 10: 00 p.m. ET. 

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