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Natsuki Nanao “Helck” Fantasy Manga Gets Anime Adaptation

(Closing Updated On: February 14, 2022)

Nanao Nanaki “Helck” will be animated. The legit Twitter yarn for on-line publishing platform MangaOne has reposted an illustration of writer Nanaki Hanao celebrating the confirmation that her motion-fantasy manga Helck will regain an anime adaptation in some unspecified time in the future.


— 七尾ナナキ (@nanaki_nanao) February 13, 2022

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“Helck” is a fantasy predicament within the enviornment after the Demon King used to be defeated. Vamilio, the “Imperial Four Tennos” who all of a sudden been concerned about a tournament held within the demon world to take on a brand novel Demon King, learns that the human hero Helck is participating within the tournament for some motive. Helck professes to hate humans, but Vamilio stunning can’t think him … This work has been serialized in Manga One and Ura Sunday since 2014, and a total of 12 volumes were printed.

Along with, a mission entitled “‘Helck’ Festival” used to be held. Because the first installment, 30 episodes of “Helck” were launched totally free on Manga One from February 14th to 20th at 23: 59. And because the 2nd bullet, the newsletter of a brand novel model of “Helck” is definite. Starting with the first volume launched on April 12, one volume will be launched every month until March 2023.

Source – Comedian Natalie by assignment of MangaOne Official Twitter

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