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Mustache Arrocet confirms the love affair with Bárbará Rey: “We are very well. We are very friends”

  • The comedian has broken the silence and has spoken about his relationship with the ex-vedette

Since the news of the romance between Bárbara Rey and Mustache Arrocet went to the pink press, the couple has been extremely discreet and did not want to make any kind of comment about it.

However, it seems that now the 72-year-old comedian has changed his attitude and this Friday he had no problem talking about the relationship he maintains with the former artist.

“We are very good, we are very friends and nothing else “, has pointed out the comedian in Malaga, during the inauguration ceremony of the statue of Chiquito de la Calzada.

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According to the magazine 'Diez minutos', Bigote wanted to make it clear that the single year is beginning. "I've been like this for a long time," he pointed out and added that it had been a long time since he had any relationship.

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For its part, Bárbara Rey has been very reluctant these days to talk about the alleged 'affair', leaving in question whether or not there is romance, and confessing that she is happy, that she and the comedian are good friends and that time will tell what happens, hinting that there is more than just friendship between them .

What the Chilean of Argentine and Murcian origin have agreed on is that are good friends and unites them a great love. An excellent friendship of Christ and Sophia took care to emphasize: "they are just friends, there is nothing", stated the Dj in conversation with the collaborator Cristina Tárrega , explaining that his mother tells him Everything and that, if she were living an affair with Mustache, she would know it.

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