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Movie billboard: premieres and recommendations for the weekend of December 31

  • Do not miss any of these films before they disappear from the cinema screens and be the first to buy tickets for the premieres in Barcelona

Don't miss any of our premieres this week. Here is a compilation of films that you cannot miss and that are already available in theaters. From comedies, through dramas to movies for the little ones in the house.


  • Delicious by Eric Besnard

  • The Honest Spy by Franziska Stünkel

  • What do we see when we look at the sky? by Aleksandre Koberidze

  • Impure state of Arturo Prins

  • Flag's day by Sean Penn


  • The King's Man: The First Mission by Matthew Vaughn

It's about the third installment of the 'King's Man' saga , although set many years ago and explaining the origin of the agency . When the most evil tyrants and criminal minds in history come together to form a group that will unleash a war that will kill millions of people, a man must fight against the clock to stop his diabolical plan .

  • Back to my daughter's house by Eric Lavaine

This time, it is she who returns. While renovating the apartment of Jacqueline's (Josiane Balasko) this decides go to spend “a few days” with his eldest daughter Carole (Mathilde Seigner) and her son in law, who are going to couples therapy. These “few days” end up becoming “some months” which causes Jacqueline to adapt perfectly to the house and feels like it's yours : prepares dinners, monopolizes television, rearranges the kitchen … The mother is at home, even when?


  • The card counter

    by Paul Schrader

William Tell (Oscar Isaac) is a former military interrogator turned to professional poker player who lives haunted by the decisions he made in his past. His meticulous life is upset when he is approached Cirk (Tye Sheridan), a young man who asks for your help to run his plan of revenge against a military colonel .


  • My beautiful Baghdad by Samir

“Abu Nawas” It is a cozy cafe that is fashionable

and which is located in central London. It is about the place where meet artists, communists and homosexuals Iraqi exiles

where they share their longing for freedom and their desire to leave back your past in Baghdad . Various ways of life, both traditional and modern, atheist and Muslim … that collide with each other. The day that Taufiq

, a religious fanatic and nephew of a poet, decides to attack his uncle's friends, it takes place to a series of events that will change the lives of many people.


  • Klara and Christmas on the Farm by Will Ashurst

Klara is a young city cow who is very excited because it is going to happen his first Christmas in his father's farm. In turn, she is disappointed that he doesn't usually celebrate the holidays . When her father is suddenly called to help a neighbor, Klara sees it as an opportunity to bring a Christmas atmosphere to the farm , all with the support and help of a cheeky elf. Will Klara manage to discover that at Christmas the most important thing is the people you love the most ?

Documentary film

  • 100 days with Tata by Miguel Ángel Muñoz

Related news

This documentary, directed by the actor Miguel Ángel Muñoz

, tells the story of him together with the ' Tata '(Luisa Cantero). When Miguel Ángel was little, his parents had to go to Tata to take care of him while they worked. Since then they created a great bond and Tata (97) and Michelangelo (38) have never been separated.

After several health complications de la Tata, Miguel Ángel realizes that this beautiful bond that they have created is in danger and may end, so decides to carry out her shoot a movie together. The pandemic causes this adventure to be interrupted and gives a twist to the story that will make both are much closer than they were and enjoy more than ever during 100 days together in a 35m2 . It will also force the actor to face his greatest fear: most important of his life .

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