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Modern Family’s Ariel Winter Is On TikTok Now And She Does A Lot Of Booty Workouts

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Celebs have been increasingly joining TikTok over the past year+, with some big names like Cameron Diaz (and her wine) and even Dame Judi Dench getting into the fun. The cool thing about TikTok content is that it’s often different than what celebs are sharing elsewhere, and that’s true for the platform’s recent addition Ariel Winter as well. Since her days on Modern Family, she’s been living that fitness life, and she really, really seems to like working out her booty. 

While Ariel Winter’s Instagram often has a heavy fashion focus, her TikTok is anything but(t). The actress has made fitness a focal point since at least 2019, when she noticeably lost weight while still filming Modern Family. She said at the time that she was hoping to gain “a big butt,” and it looks like she’s stuck to her guns when it comes to making that dream a reality. Here’s one of her booty workouts. 


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♬ Afterhours – teamwork. & Nina Nesbitt & AJ Mitchell

Deadlifts aren’t the only glute workout Ariel Winter engages in. In fact, you can see her squatting in a second video she shared to TikTok. It’s actually kind of nice to see her back and at it in the gym. For a while, Winter was sharing this kind of content on her Instagram, but she’s chosen to stop sharing looks at her workout in favor of other sorts of posts on that platform. What’s not great for Insta is apparently awesome for TikTok however, as there’s plenty more to see here. 


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♬ Cupid’s Chokehold / Breakfast in America – Gym Class Heroes

Ariel Winter’s only been on TikTok for a couple of weeks now, but so far it doesn’t seem to ever be arm day. (OK technically I think the sled works your shoulders, but I think the point still stands.) At the very least, she seems prouder of the work she’s been able to achieve on her bottom half and can’t stop, won’t stop sharing those booty workouts. 


#fyp #foryoupage #4u #foryou #trend

♬ Motivation – Normani

Honestly, body changes aren’t the only major changes Ariel Winter has made since Modern Family began the process of preparing for the end of its 11-season run. The former Dunphy sister strikingly changed her hair color to blonde after the show ended in 2020 and more recently has switched to red. She’s also hopped from TV to movie gigs, with roles in films like Pools and Don’t Log Off coming up. (She actually wrapped on the latter quite a while ago, so we hope to hear more soon.) 

Fitness has been a mainstay for the actress for awhile, well before her sitcom days ended. She said previously that the weight loss originally happened as she changed up her antidepressants and figured out a medication regimen that worked for her. But she’s helped to stay fit by making sure she continues a regular gym routine. If TikTok is helping her stick to it I’m all for it. Maybe if she’s on the platform long enough, she’ll even throw in the occasional arm or shoulder workout too. 

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