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Mobilization for a green rubber band

Not everything was going to be anger. The tweeting community has participated in recent days in an innocent game, without injuries. It was about quoting something that the younger ones didn't understand. Famous and not famous enthusiastically joined the challenge. The answers, very varied, spoke of a time when there were no payment platforms, but the video store, that is, the VHS and the fines for not returning them on time; when the televisions did not have a remote control and there was no live moviola of their programs on social networks.

There were those who remembered series that no longer exist, quoting phrases from their protagonists: “I love that the plans go well”; “Kitt, I need you”; “Chanquete is dead”; “West Philadelphia I grew up and lived without paying much attention to the police.” Others evoked old cartoons, when an inspector would suddenly say: “Go ahead snipe!” and a pineapple that spoke responded to the name of “Gazpacho”. The generational nods included songs: “Sacatán sacatún tan tan tan que sun dun pen que tun pan que tepe tepe tan cometún que sun dun que tun uh ah!”; “Little donkey like you, tururú…”; announcements: “Hello, I'm Edu, Merry Christmas”; “I'm looking for Jacks”; “We have a new girl in the office, her name is Farala and she is divine”; groups that disbanded (“New Kids on the block”); magazines that disappeared (“Superpop”) and objects that became extinct (“walkman”; “reel”) or that we use for other things , like “the orange bic writes fine and the crystal bic writes normal”, which was used to rewind “cassettes”. Since they are very close, nostalgia was sometimes mixed with bitterness and melancholy: “Is there something that young people don't understand? “Stable job, decent wage, own home”, replied, for example @Martattackss.

stable job, decent wage own home

– Dora the smoker (@Martattackss) January 4, 2022

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In any case, homesickness is trading on Twitter. The @yofuiaEGB account, which broadcasts images of what we saw and had a snack every day, has more than 243,480 followers. The one from @cachitos_tve, which exceeds 90,900, does the same with musical performances from the public television archive. And social networks were mobilized as they know to recently prevent the disappearance of a green eraser. The Milan house had removed it from its catalog and the Twitter community screamed in heaven. “Eliminate the green from the traffic lights if you want, but the green rubber of Milan, no! Save Green Milan. Pray For Green Milan”, prayed @GabrielBS82; “2022 starts off strong,” @Carrington_BIO lamented upon learning with a gang of tearful emojis. “You give me nothing but trouble. Who has not bitten a Milan gum? Who hasn't had to go to the doctor for eating a Milan gum?” @calixtaymelibea recalled. Speculators emerged selling the “relic” at 10 euros. Some took the matter further: “I'll marry whoever gives me a green Milan eraser.” Finally, the company made a statement: “Market studies tell us that the majority prefers them in white or pink, but of course if the market demands green ones, we will be happy to manufacture them!” Victory. Now all that remained was to find a pencil.

The innocent game of saying something that young people did not understand was promoted by Badabun, a Mexican channel with 45.3 million subscribers on YouTube. They premiered with the video “10 qualities that every man wants in a woman” and its star format is “Exposing infidels”, where a couple is asked to check their mobiles in exchange for money. We are feelings and we have human beings, as Mariano Rajoy would say. And they know it.

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