Mike Richards’ Awkward ‘Price Is Right’ Audition Tape Surfaced In The Wake Of His ‘Jeopardy!’ Scandals


Mike Richards’ time as Jeopardy! host was extremely short-lived, as he filmed just one day’s worth of shows before a rolling wave of scandals forced him to resign. The drama has thrown the syndicated game show into chaos, as taping was canceled on Friday and uncertainty looms about who will host episodes in Season 38. Things have been awkward on the Jeopardy! set, as Richards is still working behind the scenes as an executive producer. But we know that he’s tried to be a host of several other shows, including another one where he was EP: The Price Is Right.

A YouTube channel popped up on Friday entitled “Mike Richards Vid” and posted a video of the now-former Jeopardy! host trying out for The Price Is Right in front of a live audience. Richards had been in the running for the gig to replace the legendary Bob Barker at the extremely skinny microphone, a job that later went to Drew Carey.

If you watch the video, you can see why things didn’t work out for Richards. It’s a bit awkward, and though there’s nothing nearly as offensive as what he said on his recently-unearthed podcast, it’s not very good, either. Richards, it should be stated, was much better when he guest hosted Jeopardy! But it’s now pretty clear why Carey got the gig over him more than a decade ago.

You can watch the audition above if you’re curious for yourself, or if you simply want to watch one of the rarer The Price Is Right episodes out there.