‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ Is Coming To Xbox With A ‘Top Gun’ Expansion

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been a beloved PC game for years and on Sunday, during the Xbox Bethesda E3 event, they showed a new trailer to announce that it is coming to Xbox Series S/X this summer. That was exciting as is for folks like me who are very much into hyper-realistic games that are equally serene and soothing with beautiful views and wildly frustrating because, well, it’s a crazy realistic flight simulator and flying a plane is hard.

However, not only is Flight Simulator coming to console but it’s bringing a familiar face with it.


Oh yes, that is Maverick from Top Gun, who you can fly around as in an expansion pack coming this fall to Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is even more exciting. At first it looked like a full on Top Gun game was getting announced with how they ran this trailer after the Flight Sim trailer, but while that was a bit disappointing, it still looks incredible — as all Flight Sim things do — and as long as you can fly around while the Top Gun music plays, it’ll be worth it. This is obviously some spon-con with Top Gun Maverick on the way in November, but whatever gets us more Top Gun content.

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator will release on Xbox Series X/S and Windows 10 PC on July 27, 2021 (and on Xbox Game Pass), with the Top Gun expansion coming later in the fall.