Matt LeBlanc’s ‘Friends’ Reunion Appearance Became An Oddly Specific Meme On Twitter

HBO Max won big on its Friends reunion, getting huge ratings and a lot of attention from the streaming audience over the last week. But despite all its star power — both in the six cast members and various appearances from Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and others — the special initially failed to capture the internet’s attention in a major way: it failed to spark a significant meme.

That changed this weekend, however, as a still image from the special and one of the former Friends got a lot of attention on social media. In a very, very specific way. The Friend in question is Joey, or more specifically Matt LeBlanc. Many online couldn’t help but notice a particular position he took while sitting on the couch in some scenes, including when the group was back in a recreation of the original set playing a trivia game.

For many, he seemed like an adult at a family party. More specifically for a large group, an Irish uncle at a family gathering. Which is why that image was soon used as a meme on social media, with people adding “Irish uncle” sayings and phrases to make a very specific meme format go viral.

Cmere to me what is it you’re studying now? Oh law right right very good ah jesus sure i’ll know who to ring so the next time i get myself into a bit of trouble!!

— sophie 🇵🇸 (@lyonsteafan) May 29, 2021

Ah nooo Bridie Ah gwan yeah

sure I’m only I’ll have just the

popping in for one cup now

a minute for c’mere did ya

a catch up no hear what

hassle like happened to-

— Aoife🇵🇸 (@aoifedevirgo) May 29, 2021

There were a lot of dads and uncles described here.

matt le blanc looks like a fella you’d end up having a deep conversation with in the residents bar after a wedding. ten pints deep and he’s giving you the best advice you’ll ever get. you’ll never meet him again but his sage wisdom sticks with you forever. a gentleman

— Ian (@imgrandsure) May 29, 2021

Matt LeBlanc looking like he won the raffle at the quiz and he’s after sending the grand-niece up with the ticket to collect the prize.

— Ciarán 🇵🇸 (@Call_Me_Ciaran) May 29, 2021

matt leblanc is your uncle when your parents forced your 6 year old self to stand up in front of the adults after a family dinner and sing a song you just learned in primary school

— e b o n i (@spiceslag) May 29, 2021

Matt LeBlanc looks like the Dad on Christmas that is happy to see you open your gifts even though he doesn’t know what any of them are cos your Mum got them all

— Gem 🐸 (@gemmlarh) May 29, 2021

A lot of other people, many who do not have Irish uncles, also found the photo very relatable.

It was a very loving meme, all things considered. And after watching him for years on TV, who wouldn’t want LeBlanc to be part of the family?