Matt Damon Fell In Love With Ireland And Wants To Move There After The Pandemic


Due to the pandemic, Matt Damon spent over three months living in Ireland while filming for The Last Duel shut down, and while the delay wasn’t what anyone on the production expected, Damon loved it. In fact, he’s thinking about moving to the country once the lockdowns in Europe are over.

While stopping by the WTF with Marc Maron podcast, Damon gushed about his Ireland experience, which happened just as production for The Last Duel had wrapped up in France. As the actor tells, the cast, crew, and director Ridley Scott had all rented houses for three months in Ireland because they were close to the studio. But when the lockdown prevented them from filming, Damon and a “few in our little group” decided to wait it out and stay, which made him start to have thoughts of making Ireland his permanent home. Via

“When we did the lockdown, we started the lockdown in Ireland because we were shooting a movie. It was so f*cking great. We loved it there so much and I was kind of in the back of my head, ‘I could move here. I could live here.’ It’s beautiful.”

Matt reiterated his love for Dalkey, his adopted home. “It’s about 45 minutes outside Dublin, it’s this beautiful seaside town and it was beautiful.”

According to Damon, he’s already promised his kids that they’ll come back and drive all over the island when the pandemic is over. And, hey, maybe they’ll do a little house hunting while they’re there.

(Via WTF with Marc Maron)