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Mateo, the boy who has won over the networks for his reaction after receiving the vaccine

Mateo is 8 years old, he has just received the vaccine against the Covid and maintains, as best he can, his composure while his mother records him on video to announce to the family that the boy, finally, had received the long-awaited puncture.

The minor reports that he feels pain in the arm where he received the dose and enjoys his prize, a lollipop, for having gone through the trance and having behaved “like a champion”. However, his integrity disappears when his mother tells him that “they have already given him the first one.” “Wait a minute,” the little boy reacts, looking at the camera and unable to contain the tears, “does that mean I have to get two more vaccines?”. Crying, when his mother tells him that it will be a month later, he asks that he prefers it to be in a year.

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