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Marisha Ray, Ashley Johnson, And Matthew Mercer Bring The Legend Of Vox Machina To Life – Exclusive Interview


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By Dany Roth/Jan. 27, 2022 9: 13 am EST

The first episode of “Severe Position” aired on March 12, 2015. Now, as regards to seven years later, the team of express performing associates who grew to turn out to be their D&D session into a internet based streaming sensation are taking their world and their characters to the next stage — a fascinating series.

An ongoing cartoon level to used to be no longer the notion. When the group gradual “Severe Position” started their Kickstarter, they thought they’d be making a one-off, twenty minute particular. They asked for $750,000, however, what they got as a replacement used to be $11.3 million and a partnership to ship a fleshy series to High Video. No longer too shabby for a bunch of express actors who had been appropriate purchasing for something fun to prefer out in between gigs.

With the series entitled “The Legend of Vox Machina” put of dwelling to release its first three episodes on January 28, Looper sat down with Marisha Ray, Ashley Johnson, and Matthew Mercer to talk about their characters, how they had been adapted, and how it feels to let toddle of something you’ve managed for years and enable a brand new group of creatives a gamble in an effort to add to it.

Adapting D&D to animation and evolving Keyleth

Since you’re adapting this form of long working recreation into this enchanting series, what, for every of your characters, used to be in actuality excessive to defend and what used to be a enormous blueprint to adapt them for this new medium?

Ashley Johnson: I ponder for me, at some stage in many of the years that we played, I used to be gone loads engaged on a level to in Contemporary York. One in every of the absolute top adjustments and adjustments that used to be enormous for me is that my persona got to be a pain of many of the storylines that I wanted to be there for. If truth be told, there is this form of similarity between what we did at the desk to what we delivered to the enchanting series. I in actuality feel that used to be a huge say for us, being ready to defend that identical tone and defend the characters feeling gracious as they felt at the desk. We had appropriate as powerful fun recording in the booth either collectively or in our closets once the pandemic took place, aloof connecting with every diversified and feeling the energy off of every diversified. We all appropriate truly care about every diversified. Typically, appropriate getting to be there used to be a huge half for me.

It sounds like there’s a quantity of opportunity to adapt Keyleth, Marisha.

Marisha Ray: Oh yeah, absolutely. The magnificence about intellectual these characters and having embodied these characters for three, four, five years is that we know them so deeply thru and thru. After which we’re also EPs on this project, so we can ship exactly what we desire out of these characters onto the cloak. For me, so powerful of Keyleth is ready her breeze and displaying her develop as an particular particular person. I’m so excited to ship that to a brand new target market.

Matt Mercer letting toddle of alter as GM for Vox Machina

Matthew, I in actuality feel like there’s got to be a favorable pain for you on story of you had been GMing and doing all these NPCs. It sounds like there’s loads that you just, no longer decrease than to a pair extent, need to let toddle of on story of there’s now diversified script writers coming in. What’s that like? How salvage you ever adapted? Are you ok?

Matt Mercer: Thank you for checking in. I admire that. No, right here’s a project that we had been in the ingenious driving seat with from the very foundation. This isn’t releasing an adaptation to an entire ingenious group to prefer out what they’ll with it. We’ve been fervent by every half of the blueprint to assemble sure that right here is as discontinuance to the imaginative and prescient that we’ve continually wanted and in actuality feel as factual to what we’ve played thru in these stories as it ought to even be. We’ve been very lucky to ship in many diversified ingenious talents to abet write these stories and write these scripts. It’s all been wonderfully collaborative, both with everyone at High and with the total ingenious teams we’ve had in right here. There hasn’t in actuality been a quantity of tension.

It’s all been everyone in actuality excited to assemble it the handiest it ought to even be. I’ve no longer felt like I’ve had to present up imaginative and prescient too powerful. I don’t in actuality feel uncover it irresistible’s been like this enormous lack of seeing it evolve into something that is previous our alter. It’s been all of us working onerous to adapt it as truly as we can on this new medium. If something else, it’s been relinquishing a majority of these NPCs that I played in the advertising and marketing campaign to new actors, which, in itself, has also been more spicy than I anticipated it’d be, on story of I gain to spy all these in actuality talented individuals lift out a powerful better job bringing into lifestyles than I ever could presumably maybe and watching them turn out to be something even bigger than I truly felt they had been. All in all, I’m truly in actuality excited with how it’s gone collectively and what it’s turning out to be like in the final product.

Vox Machina’s big guest solid

There’s so many individuals coming in to uncover for your NPC’s Matt: David Tennant, Tony Hale, Stephanie Beatriz, Dominic Monahan, Gina Torres. What used to be that like? After which who else could presumably maybe aloof arrive in and play roles for this?

Mercer: All of the guest solid we brought in right here — we’re followers of all of their work and it’s been very powerful a wild abilities seeing who could presumably maybe be in and bringing lifestyles to our minute feature taking half in recreation level to. As nerds ourselves, it’s been in actuality spicy to ship a quantity of these individuals on board and having them be a pain of this — after which a quantity of them checking out what the heck it used to be. Heaps of individuals arrive in like, “Oh, it’s a level to basically based fully off of some RPG some individuals play it. I don’t know what which implies.” Then, they truly gain to study it and toddle, “Oh, right here is in total in actuality frigid. Oh, and it used to be created by the community they typically supported it. Wow, right here is in total something particular.” Looking out at their journeys in discovering it has been in actuality, in actuality clear.

As some distance as diversified individuals we desire to ship in the waste, I will’t mediate something else off the pause of my head, partially on story of yes, I aloof need to are trying to ship them in if things proceed in the waste and I don’t need to damage it in arrive, if they are saying yes or no longer.

Bringing diversified characters into the enviornment of Vox Machina

You’ve all been a pain of so many diversified properties over time. While you happen to are going to dispute, of the those who you’ve played in the previous, who could presumably maybe you ship in that can presumably maybe be appropriate to Vox Machina? What’s one persona you’d be like, “They’d arrive in take dangle of in a jam.” And who’s one who could presumably maybe be absolutely ugly and assemble things so powerful worse? Marisha, lift out you concentrate on that you just’ve got one in the tank for this?

Ray: Oh goodness. That is this form of ask. Man, I don’t — Oh, goodness.

Johnson: That’s onerous.

Mercer: Neatly, whereas you concentrate on on it, I would allege a personality that can presumably maybe be extraordinarily appropriate for them that I voiced used to be a personality named Kiritsugu Emiya from the “Destiny/Zero” anime, who used to be appropriate a truly, thoroughly thought out assassin [and] strategist, which could maybe presumably maybe in actuality arrive in at hand for a team of those which could maybe presumably maybe be mainly off the cuff, no longer in actuality intellectual what they’re doing except they’re doing it. Having a minute more of that structured planning could presumably maybe be appropriate. As some distance as a ugly belief, I voiced a personality in a recent Netflix enchanting feature for youths known as “Seal Crew” named Dave, who’s a basking shark. He could presumably maybe be absolutely no longer appropriate, however he would talk the total time, on story of let me show you, there used to be a quantity of facts about basking sharks. He could presumably maybe be toddle.

Johnson: He desires to join the advertising and marketing campaign. I admire him. I admire him so powerful.

The Final of Us and crossover occasions

Ashley, I know that you just’ve won a BAFTA twice for Ellie in “The Final of Us” at this level. That’s swish spectacular.

Johnson: Yeah, that’s my lady.

Fragment III occurs, hypothetically. Where would you ought to need to spy that persona realistically toddle?

Johnson: Simply to are residing a delighted lifestyles. Alive and delighted.

I talked about realistically, Ashley.

Johnson: I know. Realistically, I don’t know. Simply to search out some happiness and a few like in her breeze.

Ray: I would put Ellie on our group so mercurial, though. Can that be my acknowledge? I desire for sure one of Ashley’s characters to join. Mine are no subject.

Ok. Ellie joins the Vox. What occurs? It will’t happen, so that it’s likely you’ll presumably maybe in actuality be contented to jot down this in the moment. You’re superior.

Ray: I admire this Scooby-Doo mashup Saturday morning cartoon we’re rising though.

Johnson: Yeah. I admire this, guys. We’re workshopping something swish frigid right here.

Mercer: I’ll consult with Neil [Druckmann, creative director for “The Last of Us”], spy what he’s in for. I ponder Ellie and Pike would gain along swish powerful, if I’m going to be factual.

Ray: I ponder so too.

Severe Position’s well-liked comfort motion photography

Each person’s been thru it in the final two years. One in every of the ways that I ponder everyone copes is that they toddle to their well-liked comfort motion photography. What had been a pair of of your well-liked comfort motion photography the final couple years?

Ray: I ponder for all of us, “The Lord of the Rings.” I ponder we lift out swish traditional re-watchings of the “Lord of the Rings.” It impressed so powerful of what we lift out. We’re such nerds for it. Man, it’s likely you’ll presumably maybe’t abet however gain appropriate vibes from that. After which, just currently over the spoil, we went motivate and we started re-watching thru many of the Marvel Cinematic Universe motion photography and identical say.

Johnson: They’re in actuality feel-items, for sure. I could presumably maybe spy “Thor: Ragnarok” rock a million occasions and in no blueprint be bored stiff in it. Honest so appropriate. I’m a huge sci-fi fan, so a quantity of it is lot of “Alien,” any of those I’ll pop on. I know that doesn’t in actuality feel like a comfort meals, however…

It’s my well-liked. It’s my well-liked film truly. It’s likely you’ll presumably maybe presumably’t toddle imperfect with me.

Johnson: Ok, enormous. Yeah. I used to be going to dispute “Lord of the Rings,” too. That’s on the total time, the total time. Inserting it on in the background, the track, it appropriate feels appropriate.

Mercer: Yeah. For me, it’d be doubtlessly “Moist Hot American Summer,” which is for sure one of my well-liked comedies of all time, and “The Wire.” I’ve watched it four occasions now and we watched it all all over again over the pandemic. Yeah, “The Wire’s” appropriate so, so appropriate.

As we wrap, I’m going to inquire of you the absolute top ask I ponder I will inquire of somebody on this group, which is, is there something else worse than a door that is no longer going to starting up out?

Ray: Hey darkness, my aged buddy.

What’s worse, big dragon or door that won’t starting up?

Ray: I will devour the wide dragon any day. There is one blueprint to defeat the wide dragon … aloof unclear as to easy how to defeat a door.

Mercer: I will truly allege, being a man that threw out his motivate trying to starting up out a jammed door the diversified day, doorways will and not utilizing a waste in sight be my enemy, in the precise world and fantasy.

The first three episodes of “The Legend of Vox Machina” originate streaming on High Video January 28, with new episodes premiering once weekly after.

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