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Margot Robbie is quite in pink in ‘Barbie’ set photos

The movie occasion of 2023, Barbie, is continuing to create buzz with celebrity Margot Robbie looking excellent in pink on the set of the movie.

Guy had their fun with Joker, currently it’s time for ladies to have their turn. Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has actually gotten people speaking currently, thanks to the stills released so far of its eponymous personality as well as of Ryan Gosling as Ken. Whether this Ken will certainly be as good as the one in Toy Story 3, however, stays to be seen.

On set for the movie, paparazzi have snuck a couple of snaps of Robbie in her prep for the role. Barbie is right here, and also nature is recovery.

Robbie and Gosling were both confirmed for the movie in Jan. 2022, with three-time Academy Award nominated director Gerwig joined to direct. After Gerwig’s successes with Lady Bird as well as Little Women, it can just be a combination made in paradise. The film has actually been in advancement hell for some time, with much-maligned comic Amy Schumer even rumored for the title role.

Barbie is readied to premiere in cinemas July 21, 2023, indicating it’ll take on movies such as Oppenheimer and The Marvels. The Oppenheimer vs Barbie memes are already here, but they might end up being overshadowed by Brie Larson’s large Captain Marvel sequel.

Wonder alum Simu Liu is additionally in the cast for Barbie, and taking into consideration Captain Marvel’s cameo in Shang-Chi, he might end up in 2 of the most significant films of 2023.

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