Margot Robbie Did Harley Quinn’s Most Impressive ‘The Suicide Squad’ Stunt Herself


Warning: This post contains some serious spoilers for The Suicide Squad, so be forewarned.

The Suicide Squad
shared some similarities with its predecessor, though the sequel to the 2016 DC antihero film seems to be better received among critics. The James Gunn-helmed follow-up brought back some actors to reprise their roles, including Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. According to the film’s director, one of the most impressive stunts in the movie was all Robbie herself.

One of the film’s many unexpected departures is a solo expedition Quinn takes after her team gets largely blown to bits in the opening sequence. Captured by a dictator, with whom she has a murderous fling, she finds herself tortured for information she refuses to give up. One of the many brutal moments of the film features her being tasered until she passes out, but we quickly learn that was a bit of acting to facilitate her own escape.

As Gunn told The Hollywood Reporter in a lengthy interview, the part where Harley picks up keys with her toes and unlocks herself was all Robbie.

Yeah, the main thing is that she was able to just instantly grab the key with her foot and then twist herself backwards to put the key in the lock from the one shot. And I was like, “Oh my God.” It’s a real bummer because of that thing in front of her face, but if you look closely, you can see it’s Margot.

There’s a lot more in the interview, which gives more details about the decisions to do some pretty untraditional stuff in what could have been a much more straightforward superhero film. Gunn praises Robbie in general, details some of what may be ahead in the Peacemaker HBO Max series, and just generally had a lot to say about the tone and feel of the film. And while the box office returns may not have been as great as everyone wanted, the second go-around already seems to have more memorable moments to talk about than the first.

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