Margot Robbie Blames Herself For The Stereotype That Australia Is All Kangaroos And Deadly Snakes

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Australia? It’s probably snakes. Or spiders. Or dingoes. Something that bites and/or stings.

Margot Robbie blames herself for this stereotype.

Robbie was born in Queensland, where there’s “heaps of wildlife around,” as The Suicide Squad star explained on Wednesday’s episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden. “I am the person perpetuating the stereotype when people ask, ‘Are there kangaroos out your window?’ And I’m like, ‘Yes, but not usually.’ ‘Is there snakes in the house?’ ‘Tons, but not for everyone.’ It is probably my fault. I’m encouraging this.”

It’s a good thing Robbie and her husband, producer Tom Ackerley, live in Los Angeles. He would not be able to handle all the slithering in Australia. “My husband hates snakes,” she told Corden and co-guest Rose Byrne, another famous Aussie. “He’s English. You guys don’t have them obviously really at all in England, I guess. But I mean, they’re everywhere! I’m living in L.A. and there was a two-meter [six feet] snake just outside the kitchen, just in the garden the other day. Yeah, he almost had a coronary.”

Based on Robbie’s description, there’s not enough dollarydoos in the world that could get me to live in Queensland. Even the birds are deadly. You can watch the clip above.