‘Loki’ Has Revealed Its Main Villain, And It Might Not Be Who You Think It Is

(SPOILERS for Disney ’s Loki and the MCU will be found below.)

We don’t usually think of the second episode of a series as being one filled with intensity and revelation, but then again, not every second episode of the show hits the same way Marvel’s Loki just did. By the time Loki‘s second episode comes to a close, Loki has effectively escaped the TVA and is now in hot pursuit of a devious Loki variant, Lady Loki. Now, for those unfamiliar with Lady Loki, she is a very real Marvel character who spells out trouble for Loki and was speculated to be in the show, so it makes sense why so many would be so quick to identify this character as her. However, I think that’s exactly what Marvel hoped would happen and hides who she truly is.


Rather than Lady Loki, it would appear that this woman could actually be Enchantress, a character from the Thor series. In the Marvel Universe, the second Enchantress is a young girl from Oklahoma named Sylvie Lushton, who lived a normal life until the Asgardians moved to Earth following their planet’s destruction. After that, she woke up with unusual powers that, in the comic book series, Loki secretly gave her to mix things up — meaning Loki is responsible for her creation. Interestingly enough, the Marvel show takes us to Oklahoma at the end of the first episode, where the “Loki variant” aka Enchantress, wreaks havoc with her powers.

In addition to this, we see the variant has an extreme distaste for Loki and rejects his name, and has slightly different powers than him, which is why Loki was so quick to grow defensive and explain his own powers to the TVA when they were listing off hers. In addition, Loki makes several comments about how “he wouldn’t treat himself this way,” during their encounter, leading us to theorize it’s because she isn’t a variation of him at all, but rather a different character entirely. Lastly, while Loki’s theory about her using disasters to avoid disturbing the timeline is brilliant, it might be that she isn’t variant at all and is doing as she is intended as Enchantress.

To further bolster this theory, some on Twitter are sharing screencaps of the Spanish dub credits, which vary from the English credits that refer to the character as “The Variant.” Below, she’s referred to as “Sylvie.”

It’s a lot to speculate on, and unfortunately, there’s a little bit more to consider when it comes this show’s villains as well.

If we want to dive a bit deeper into some fan theories, I might even argue the “and it might not be who you think,” part of this headline could extend to someone else: Kang the Conqueror. While Kang isn’t scheduled to make his big MCU debut until 2023, when Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania hits theaters, there are a few things that point to his involvement in Loki. You might have noticed Ravonna Renslayer is a bit… off. It’s apparent to her favorite colleague Mobius, and it’s pretty darn apparent to us as well. It would appear there is someone else in her life she is seeing behind closed doors, and while we’re still unsure just what is going on there, it’s worth mentioning she canonically has a very close relationship with none other than Kang in the Marvel Universe.

You see, in the comics Ravonna is the daughter of King Carelius, the future ruler of Earth. During her father’s reign, Kang comes to the kingdom of Carelius — the last bastion of humanity on Earth — and attempts to conquer the land, but ultimately stands down after meeting Ravonna and falling in love with her. Despite his best efforts, Ravonna refuses to reciprocate his love because he is a commoner, which ultimately leads him to make a pretty intense promise to her: to bring Avengers to their future so he can fight them and show her his true power in battle, ultimately winning her heart. It could very well be the fabled Time Keepers do not exist and there is no scared timeline, but rather the whole TVA is made up of people Kang is using to carry out his will and win the love of Ravonna. Whew.

Looks like we’ll have to wait until next Wednesday to get some more answers.