Loki Has Been Confirmed As Gender Fluid By Disney+ In A New Teaser

With less than 48 hours to go until the premiere of Loki on Disney , Marvel is still slowly doling out secrets about the time-warping show that will follow the Trickster God as he attempts to save reality — or do what he does best and stab everyone in the back.

While dropping what seems like a pretty standard teaser full of Loki footage that’s been seen before, Disney slyly tucked in a character detail that has Marvel fans’ attention. During a very quick moment, there’s a brief glance at Loki’s Time Variance Authority file, and it contains an interesting piece of information: the MCU version of Loki is gender fluid.

You can clearly see the Loki gender reveal in this screenshot:


You can see the new teaser below:

Of course, this information won’t be surprising to comic fans or anyone who’s familiar with Norse mythology, where Loki once got knocked up by an eight-legged horse. However, it is notable that Marvel is finally leaning into this part of Loki’s comic history and bringing it to life in the heavily-hyped series. In addition, fans will be interested to see whether Lady Loki might, as rumored, make her MCU debut when Loki starts streaming. And judging by the latest interview with head writer Michael Waldron (Rick and Morty), the series is sure to be a wild ride, since he revealed that the show’s inspired by both Blade Runner and Mad Men.

Loki premieres Wednesday June 9 on Disney

(Via Loki on Twitter)