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Little pieces of the golden age

If Little pieces of iron and chrome can entertain us another New Year's Eve with its fragments of songs that we all know and its funny labels, it is because there was a distant time when musical performances on public television were frequent, then The only one. There is another way to go back to that time: the RTVE Play application, technically improvable (why can't I go back to what I was seeing?) But irresistible for the boomer thanks to the enormousness of that archive.

The Movida Madrileña (or others like the Galician one) would not be explained without the 1980s TV. The list of musical programs of the time is overwhelming: Applause, Tocata, Popgrama, Rockopop, Plastic, La bola de cristal . Variety spaces abounded with humor, dance, videos and performances in playback (even if they were the Ramones themselves; some like Leño circumvented the norm).

The jewel was The Golden Age, that between 1983 and 1985 Paloma Chamorro presented, attentive to the latest and most transgressive, with live performances in a real concert hall. It was touching to see some young Kaka de Luxe, Radio Futura, Siniestro Total or Loquillo there, surprising that international stars such as Lou Reed, Prince or The Smiths passed by. Between song and song, Chamorro and the artists held talks at the bar or reclining between large cushions. Neither the production nor the sound were as polished as they would be today; the rawness, the authenticity made up for it.

When did music get lost on television? When the private ones were born, these programs competed poorly with the mamachicho . In the nineties, pop-rock no longer produced such charismatic figures (or were they not because they weren't on TV?). And with the new century came Operación Triunfo, a format with which TVE did overturn. That it was something else, reality TV instead of the lost creativity that still nurtures Cachitos .

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