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Lexus ROV, hydrogen for fun

  • This model redefines the concept of recreational cars combining luxury, fun and sustainability.

We can be in front of the most revolutionary vehicle of Lexus . Not only because it is completely out of its usual product line, as it is a recreational model, but also because it also mounts an unprecedented propeller in the brand. It is the ROV , a buggy with hydrogen engine !

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    The Japanese luxury firm has us accustomed to luxury cars, designed for enjoy maximum comfort and an exceptional quality of life. And in a few but brilliant cases, some high-performance sports vehicle for fun on the track. But what we had never seen was a recreational model to have fun off the asphalt as in the case of the ROV (Recreational Off-highway Vehicle) . Although yes, it does not lose that exclusive touch, since it offers an experience premium to those drivers who venture into nature with elegance and style.

The ROV boasts the daring design and extraordinary production quality that they are already Lexus brand. The car bears the hallmark of an off-road vehicle, with exposed suspension, roll cage and robust tires suitable for driving on rough and muddy roads. Its dimensions are: 3,120 meters (length) , 1,725 ​​meters (width), 1,800 meters (height).

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