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Legacy Sequels Ranked At The Box Office


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By Hunter Cates/Jan. 6, 2022 6: 11 pm EST

Nostalgia is one of many most legitimate forces in the moviegoing universe. There’s nothing movie studios worship more than reliability (effectively, with the exception of for money. They worship that.) Hence, the upward thrust of the legacy sequel. Legacy sequels are sure from regular sequels. Your day to day, ho-hum sequel customarily comes out somewhat rapidly after the final movie (ideally two to four years) and continues the story, despite the proven truth that finest vaguely. On the assorted hand, a legacy sequel comes out not lower than 10 years after the final movie, facets usual solid individuals customarily “passing the torch” to a brand unique solid, and most critically, relies heavily on its nostalgia ingredient — or what cinematic cynics name “shameless fan provider.” 

Thus, “Mad Max: Fury Road” is just not a legacy sequel no topic popping out 30 years after “Mad Max: Past Thunderdome,” while “Jurassic World” is a legacy sequel, even supposing it “finest” came out 14 years after “Jurassic World III.” Why? “Fury Road” used to be correct any other “Mad Max” movie (albeit a nice one), while “Jurassic World” used to be promoted and produced with viewers nostalgia being a predominant promoting point. Put any other contrivance, a legacy sequel is built around the franchise’s legacy. Nonetheless correct because audiences chomp down nostalgia love movie theater popcorn with extra butter doesn’t mean every legacy sequel has been a blockbuster. Far from it. Which sequels honored their heritage and which of them fell flat? Listed below are legacy sequels ranked on the box spot of labor!

12. The Matrix Resurrections

“The Matrix” franchise has earned $1.7 billion worldwide across four movies, for a per-film common of $434 million. Pretty spectacular, especially pondering the groundbreaking, thoughts-bending franchise has at all times been rated R — no topic appealing to teenage males who can’t (legally) buy tickets to hunt them — and loads of of the motion footage were launched virtually 20 years ago. Nonetheless, what isn’t so spectacular is the worldwide box spot of labor infamous of the most stylish entry, “The Matrix Resurrections,” which at the moment stands at $106 million, lower than any of the old three movies’ home infamous and practically what “The Matrix Reloaded” earned in finest three days in 2003. Yikes!

With an estimated funds of not lower than $150 million, “The Matrix Resurrections” would possibly perchance perchance lose more than $150 million on the box spot of labor, in step with the guideline-of-thumb that a movie has to build twice its funds to veil marketing and marketing prices. So why is “The Matrix Resurrections” this form of box spot of labor bomb? Don’t blame COVID-19, as “Spider-Man: No Blueprint Home” used to be 2021’s ideal hit. And don’t blame Warner Brothers simultaneously releasing motion footage on HBO Max, as “Godzilla vs. Kong” used to be WB’s ideal box spot of labor earner of the year, and the eighth ideal in 2021. Blame the lackluster box spot of labor of “Resurrections” on the sequence’ diminishing returns, especially “The Matrix Revolutions,” which ended the trilogy on a sour showcase and $427 million worldwide, a huge 43% tumble from “The Matrix Reloaded” correct six months earlier. Simply build aside, moviegoers weren’t too enraged to reenter “The Matrix,” while the promoting and marketing relied completely on nostalgia that wasn’t there.

11. Creed

Rocky is so rich with nostalgia that it has gotten not one, nevertheless two legacy sequels. Nonetheless what else would you query from a franchise that’s so iconic it has a freaking statue? Starting with “Rocky” in 1976, the Italian Stallion sequence had been going at a gradual clip of one sequel every two to 5 years. That modified when Stallone hung up the gloves with 1990’s “Rocky V,” an underwhelming conclusion that ended the sequence on a sour showcase for every critics and fans. It also earned a mere $119 million worldwide, a steep tumble from the franchise high of $300 million worldwide for “Rocky IV.” 

Rocky used to be not alleged to complete this contrivance, so Stallone gave his most effectively-known personality one final go (or so he conception) with 2006’s “Rocky Balboa.” With solid marks from every audiences and critics, and a stable $156 million in the monetary institution, “Rocky Balboa” earned money on its $24 million funds and ended the sequence on a solid showcase (or so we conception). Nine years later came any other legacy sequel, the reboot “Creed” in 2015. With Rocky retired, the central pugilist this time used to be his gentle frenemy Apollo Creed’s illegitimate son, Adonis. It used to be a clever pitch, one which revived the sequence to the tune of $173 million worldwide. That’s a hefty profit on a $37 million funds, though tranquil correct a a part of what staunch-life boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather earns for one battle.

10. Ghostbusters: Afterlife

The “Ghostbusters” franchise has customarily consisted of three makes an strive to replicate the one-shot-in-a-million success of the unique 1984 classic. You would possibly perchance also just be pondering, “Definite, nevertheless doesn’t that customarily negate every franchise?” Lunge, nevertheless not many moreover “Ghostbusters” take 37 years to in the discontinuance receive it honest. After “Ghostbusters II” underwhelmed with critics and fans (and made $80 million lower than the unique) the team hung up their proton packs. While fans clamored for the unique solid to receive abet together for the following two-and-a-half decades, that proved untenable, so Sony got antsy and rebooted the sequence with an all-unique solid in 2016. 

That transfer proved effectively-liked by critics nevertheless not so worthy with moviegoers, though truly “Ghostbusters: Answer The Name” used to be at all times going to comprise a traumatic time incomes money on its $144 million funds. So Sony shaved the funds in half for 2021’s “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” and brought the band abet together. While the film’s worldwide infamous is notably lower than the 2016 “failure” ($184 million vs. $229 million), it made extra money attributable to its more modest funds. And that’s all that issues, no topic who you’re gonna name.

9. Terminator: Sad Destiny

You’ll be forgiven if you happen to didn’t know 2019’s “Terminator: Sad Destiny” is technically a legacy sequel, because the “Terminator” franchise’s timelines are more convoluted and complex than their time plug instances. On the final, after 2015’s “Terminator: Genisys” bombed in the U.S., nevertheless used to be saved by China, Paramount made up our minds to forget the old timeline and develop an instantaneous sequel to “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” (the final “Terminator” movie all people truly cherished) from 27 years earlier. 

There were two complications. Moreover bringing abet Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor, the connection of “Sad Destiny” to the first two movies wasn’t clear. Secondly, and most tremendously, no one truly cared. There had been three “Terminator” motion footage in between “Judgment Day” and “Sad Destiny,” with none of them particularly effectively-cherished, so going the legacy sequel route reeked of desperation and used to be met with a collective “So what?” Despite boasting a couple of of the precise evaluations of the sequence, “Sad Destiny” bombed in the U.S. and this time China wasn’t there to place it. Had “Sad Destiny” been an even legacy sequel, and there weren’t three mediocre “Terminator” motion footage plus one TV sequence, we predict regarding the film would comprise performed worthy better.

8. Halloween

“Halloween” isn’t so worthy one franchise nevertheless more love 5. The 12 (and counting) movies customarily develop up three sequence, one inch-off and one remake. Making an strive to develop sense of it’s miles practically as challenging as attempting to raze Michael Myers. Nonetheless, the franchise also has not one, nevertheless two legacy sequels. While legacy sequels are the final rage now, they weren’t truly in the 1990s. In 1998, “Halloween H20” brought abet Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode, who died off-camouflage between “Halloween II” and “Halloween 4,” and erased the old four movies. 

With us up to now? You would possibly perchance also just be puzzled, nevertheless moviegoers were into it, as “H20” managed $55 million worldwide, practically as worthy because the old four Curtis-much less motion footage made blended. Nonetheless, the franchise any other time lost its contrivance over the following 20 years, so Standard any other time “broke glass in case of emergency” and brought abet Curtis’ Strode for “Halloween” in 2018, this time ignoring every assorted movie and serving as an instantaneous sequel to the 1978 usual. It worked out somewhat effectively: On a $10 million funds, “Halloween” earned $255 million worldwide.

7. Live Free or Die Exhausting

While some will also just believe the legacy sequel craze got started in 2015 when “Jurassic World” and “Star Wars: The Power Awakens” topped the box spot of labor charts, it had truly been going solid since not lower than the mid-2000s with “Rocky Balboa” in 2006, “Live Free or Die Exhausting” in 2007, and “Rambo” and “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Cranium” in 2008. Since we didn’t comprise the timeframe “legacy sequel” correct but, it used to be more of an gentle-timer action hero construction. You better believe Arnold Schwarzenegger wished in, nevertheless he used to be too busy being Governator of California. 

Out of this team of geezers, John McClane stood second finest to Dr. Jones. “Live Free or Die Exhausting” used to be the first “Die Exhausting” film in 12 years since “Die Exhausting: With A Vengeance” in 1995, and no topic Bruce Willis’ McClane spewing fatherly recommendation to Justin Long (what a queer torch passing, nevertheless whatever) it used to be truly correct any other John McClane plug. Which used to be precise sufficient for moviegoers, who skipped over the precise cop with unpleasant worthwhile fortune, to the tune of $382 million worldwide — a reasonably first rate payout on its $110 million funds.

6. Independence Day: Resurgence

In relation to colossal motion footage, profitability issues. So while 2016’s “Independence Day: Resurgence” is technically one of many perfect-grossing on this list, it’s also one of many ideal misfires. Of direction, you are going to also’t truly blame 20th Century Fox for writing a $165 million review. The year earlier than, every “Jurassic World” and “Star Wars: The Power Awakens” banked more than $1.5 billion, and the unique “Independence Day” earned $817 million worldwide in 1996, making it not finest the ideal hit of 1996, nevertheless one of many perfect-grossing movies of the 1990s. 

Alas, the closing tally for “Independence Day: Resurgence” — $384 million — used to be lower than half what the unique earned in 1996 and barely broke even on its funds. What occurred? Effectively, for starters it used to be truly, truly not precise. Secondly, it didn’t feature the unique film’s fundamental person, at all times a deadly proposition, and presumably fatal when the aforementioned fundamental person is Will Smith. Not without extend, the unique film ended effectively. The aliens were defeated, humanity used to be saved, it used to be all precise in the ‘hood. Thus, no topic the tagline being “We at all times knew they’d attain abet,” the sequel felt much less love an organic continuation of the story and more love a shameless money buy. No longer surprisingly, it didn’t buy worthy money.

5. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Cranium

Despite being in step with 1940s plug serials — which B-stage studios churned out with the efficiency of an assembly line — and being George Lucas and Steven Spielberg’s formulation to the James Bond franchise (25 mighty movies and counting), Indiana Jones hasn’t been a truly prolific personality. Dr. Jones has had finest four colossal camouflage adventures in 27 years, with a fifth slated for 2023, 15 years since the final one and practically as colossal a hole as between “The Closing Campaign” and “Kingdom of the Crystal Cranium.” 

Don’t blame fundamental person Harrison Ford’s busy schedule, as we predict about he’d fortunately don the bullwhip and fedora to point to up at a gap for a brand unique automobile dealership in Pasadena. Ford in the discontinuance got his prolonged sought-after wish and performed Indiana Jones as soon as more for 2008’s “Crystal Cranium.” Despite having a obscure marketing and marketing marketing and marketing campaign that customarily correct acknowledged, “Howdy, it’s any other Indiana Jones movie,” the film opened to $100 million domestically, and earned $786 million worldwide, the precise in the sequence, sans inflation, and the second very best-grossing film of 2008, in the abet of finest Christopher Nolan’s sage-breaking “The Sad Knight.”

4. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Is “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” a legacy sequel, reboot, or reimagining? The solution is “Lunge.” Moreover the title and overall premise, the 2017 sequel bears practically no resemblance to the 1995 usual — and it used to be better off for it. The unique “Jumanji” succeeded as a one-and-performed, Robin Williams fundamental person automobile, while “Welcome To The Jungle” is the form of action-comedy hybrid that has made Dwayne Johnson’s monetary institution myth bigger than his biceps. It’s the form of rebrand that rarely works effectively and practically never works better. Yet “Welcome To The Jungle” did worthy better.

“Jumanji” earned a first rate $262 million worldwide in 1995 on a $65 million funds. “Welcome to the Jungle” earned a worthwhile-looking out $961 million worldwide, and finest stamp $25 million more, attributable to its economical $90 million funds. “Welcome To The Jungle” turned the “Jumanji” stamp into Hollywood’s most not in point of fact mega-franchise, and it did so by being thematically assorted from the unique. So it begs the request — does “Welcome To The Jungle” even qualify as a legacy sequel? We believe so. While there would possibly perchance be not an ideal passing of the torch, there’s tranquil a full unique solid. Also, “Welcome To The Jungle” does count on some viewers nostalgia for the unique, though it never descends into shameless fan provider.

3. Spider-Man: No Blueprint Home

Spoilers ahead for “Spider-Man: No Blueprint Home.”

“Spider-Man: No Blueprint Home” is largely the “Avengers Endgame” of the Spider-Man franchise. And we supply out mean the final Spider-Man franchise … effectively, stay action not lower than (sorry, “Into the Spider-Verse” fans). On the one hand, it’s a trilogy capper to Tom Holland’s MCU “Spider-Man” sequence. On the assorted hand, it’s a legacy sequel to not correct one, nevertheless two assorted franchises — the Tobey Maguire-Sam Raimi “Spider-Man” sequence and the Andrew Garfield-Marc Webb “Amazing Spider-Man” duo. While Maguire and Garfield were not namely advertised in the film’s marketing and marketing, their respective rogues galleries were. And attain on, you correct knew they were every going to point to up. 

Even without their mugs on the poster, nostalgia used to be a predominant promoting point for this describe. And Spider-Man has a form of nostalgia to contrivance from. Every Spider-Man movie has made a form of cash, even the underwhelming “Amazing Spider-Man” movies. Despite this legacy, even Sony presumably discovered it, effectively, advantageous correct how worthy money “Spider-Man: No Blueprint Home” has made. It opened to $260 million, practically two-and-a-half times as worthy as “Spider-Man: Far From Home” and the second ideal opening weekend of all time, in the abet of finest “Avengers Endgame.” How high can Spidey climb? Effectively, provided that it’s already the perfect-grossing solo superhero movie of all time, we’d tell somewhat high — especially when it stars three Spider-Males.

2. Jurassic World

In a box spot of labor culture saturated with superhero motion footage, it’s easy to miss correct how dominant the dinosaurs from “Jurassic Park” had been. The sequence is one of finest three (alongside “The Avengers” and “Batman”) to comprise broken the hole weekend sage not lower than three times. Out of 5 motion footage, it boasts three billion-greenback grossers, which is even more spectacular, as “Jurassic Park” used to be launched in 1993 and used to be the perfect-grossing movie of all time till it used to be toppled by “Expansive” in 1997. 

So in hindsight, it used to be reasonably of naive to ponder “Avengers: Age of Ultron” would without problems flee roughshod over summer season 2015, while “Jurassic World” would possibly perchance perchance be left picking up the scraps. Definite, “Age of Ultron” used to be the put together-up to the sage-breaking “The Avengers,” nevertheless “Jurassic World” used to be the legacy sequel to at least one of many most beloved franchises ever. On this spherical, the dinosaurs gained the day. “Jurassic World” broke the hole weekend box spot of labor sage build aside of living in 2012 by “The Avengers” and earned $1.67 billion worldwide, practically $700 million more than “The Misplaced World: Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic Park III” blended. Turns out 65 million years fee of nostalgia is a truly highly advantageous force indeed.

1. Star Wars: The Power Awakens

“Star Wars: The Power Awakens” — and indeed, the final Disney “Star Wars” franchise from film to TV — has customarily change into the poster child for fan provider and nostalgia. Nonetheless with more than $5 billion across 5 movies (now to not gift the replacement of these who subscribed to Disney for “The Mandalorian”), we’d tell Disney is doing all honest with their decision. Definite, we can argue that “The Power Awakens” will also just comprise borrowed too heavily from “A Original Hope,” to the point that it used to be a borderline remake. Nonetheless if you happen to receive the full trend down to it, you correct couldn’t beat the cinematic abilities of seeing that movie for the first time in 2015. 

J.J. Abrams and firm undoubtedly had their work reduce out for them. After George Lucas’ standard, nevertheless divisive, prequel trilogy left fans feeling skipped over, the filmmaking crew for “The Power Awakens” went in the reverse direction, filling their movie with so worthy fan provider and nostalgia that longtime “Star Wars” fans couldn’t assist nevertheless truly feel the worship. Cynics will also just comprise complained, nevertheless all people else perceived to be pleased themselves. And we supply out mean all people (even President Obama mentioned it): “Star Wars: The Power Awakens” opened to a then-sage $247 million, outgrossing the old finest December weekend, “The Hobbit,” by $163 million, on its contrivance to $2 billion worldwide — including $936 million domestically, tranquil the ideal home infamous of all time.

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