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LaLiga teams will undergo daily antigen tests after Christmas

David Alaba, in the warm-up prior to the derby against Atlético de Madrid. Europa Press

The virulence of the sixth wave of covid has pushed LaLiga to draft a new protocol to deal with the worsening health situation. The delegated commission of the football employers' association gave shape to a new text that will come into force after Christmas. It establishes that the tests are once again mandatory and for this it guarantees the supply of 2,520 daily antigens. Until now they were only recommended, although the vast majority of the clubs already carried them out.

The 42 First and Second entities will have what to do daily antigens each time a person accesses the facilities. And on match days, anyone who has direct contact with the first team must undergo these tests, regardless of whether they have the complete vaccination schedule. The local teams will perform them at the beginning of the concentration or, failing that, early on the day of the clash; and visitors, before displacement. For all this, LaLiga will provide 60 daily tests to each First and Second club. This supposes an amount of 2,520 daily and 75,600 monthly.

“We are not left with tests that will reach the public by taking them off no one, but with items that are marketed wholesale to companies. It happened to us at the beginning. The same happens in other factories and multinationals that have a stock insured for employees ”, LaLiga sources say. The obligation of these daily exams does not expire. It will be valid as long as the protocol does not change.

In addition to these antigens, they will also be mandatory PCR around the Christmas holidays , at the end of the FIFA stoppages of the national teams, when there is a transfer or a new addition to the first team (of professionals or players from the subsidiary), or for anyone who returns after three or more days off. These exams will also be extended weekly during the first half of January to anyone who has contact with the first team of a team. As in the case of antigens, having received the vaccine does not free you from passing these controls, which will be paid for by LaLiga. After the stoppage of these festivities, each entity will receive 60 PCR.

The results will be communicated daily to the employer, specifying by categories (players, coaching staff, medical service …) and each club must carry out an exhaustive control of each positive (close contacts, isolation time or quarantine). In the event that there is a positive, the team does not have to indicate the name of the affected person. It will be enough to specify if you are a player or a member of the staff, and if you had the complete vaccination schedule.

In the chapter of the obligations also includes the FPP2 mask for any person who accesses the facilities, belonging to a equipment or external personnel. On match day, the rule affects the benches equally. Only footballers who are on the pitch and, if they wish, coaches are exempt.

So far, the obligations section. LaLiga also develops a extensive battery of recommendations . For example, it advises to limit the use of changing rooms because it considers them “areas of high risk of transmission” . As far as possible, he asks footballers and coaches to come to training and matches already dressed, and to shower later in the hotel or in their homes. In any case, it requests to enable the largest number of changing rooms, that each one is restricted to a maximum of seven people, establish fixed groups in each unit, use the showers alternately and avoid aerosols.

In the dining rooms , demands that the tables be occupied by a maximum of four people and always the same. Regarding the displacements does not impose anything either. At first, when the competition returned in the summer of 2020, it did require that the trips be done in bubble mode. Now it recommends limiting the time in the terminals, not approaching the commercial areas and that the buses do not exceed 50% occupancy. For their part, in hotels , it is advisable to stay in individual rooms.

Finally, the text of the employer reminds, regarding the quarantine of a positive, that the affected person must comply with the regulations of the corresponding autonomous community. close contacts of a positive who are part of a club and who have been vaccinated are exempt from a quarantine. For them, a PCR is only recommended during the 10 days after the last contact with the infected person or before starting a trip. Those not vaccinated should be isolated for 10 days.

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