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KyoAni Reveals Marine Princess Mare Light Novel Commerical

Kyoto Animation’s KA Esuma Bunko mark revealed a industrial for the upcoming Marine Princess Mare (Umihime Mare) light novel. The light novel, which is mark’s 10th-anniversary work, is determined for March 18 commence. Marine Princess Mare turned into written by Masashi Nishikawa (Leave out Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S screenwriter) and sides illustrations by Akiko Takase (Violet Evergarden persona model designer).

The industrial turned into moving by Kyoto Animation studio. Kenichi Sudo silent and organized the music, whereas YuReeNa equipped vocal toughen. KyoAni describes the spot as:

It’s far a powerful yarn from the sea.

A long way to the east, previous a sea, there turned into a sea kingdom the set fish lived. A princess of the kingdom turned into never the one for custom, so she uses magic to develop legs and waddle to the land. Her purpose s to fetch the damaged-down glory, nonetheless in its set, she finds herself on a miles away island with finest 200 inhabitants. And so her adventure begins…

Marine Princess Mare light novel visible

The official web living for the unconventional moreover introduces the characters:

  • Mare – a cussed princess, who on the total suffers her father’s disapproval because she is now not “girly” adequate
  • Takami Osato – a 15 365 days identical outdated scholar, who helps his uncle at some level of the summer season. He lost his fogeys in an accident and is on the total light when among folks
  • Shino Kuroshima – a 16 365 days-identical outdated highschool scholar from Kyoto. Takami is her diving teacher. Shino weak to achieve modelling work, before her father made her stop
  • Ito Nakamura – a 13 365 days-identical outdated who hates spending time on the far away island and years for the city. Ito is on the total clingy with Shino
Mare, Takami, Shino, and Ito (left to staunch)

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© Kyoto Animation

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