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Kunoichi Tsubaki TV Anime Reveals Opening Theme Song by The Peggies

The authentic Twitter of the upcoming In the Coronary heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki anime published the hole theme tune conducted by the all-feminine rock band The Peggies (stylized because the peggies). CloverWorks is producing the anime, which is able to starting up broadcasting in April.

The Peggies’ opening theme tune of the series is titled “Highlight Highlight”. The band also conducted the hole theme songs of Rascal Does No longer Dream of Bunny Lady Senpai and Hire-A-Female friend, as well to the ending theme songs for My Hero Academia Season 5 and Sarazanmai.

A visual was beforehand published:

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The TV anime In the Coronary heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki forged Yuuko Natsuyoshi because the main character Tsubaki. Takudai Kakuchi is directing the series at studio CloverWorks. Konomi Shugo is writing and supervising the scripts whereas Yuusuke Shirato is in rate of the tune. Yousuke Okuda will support as an animation director and character designer. The chronicle is in accordance to a manga by Souichiro Yamamoto.

Teaser trailer

The isolationist all-ladies Akane Clan basically includes younger kunoichi in practising. Their teachings are strict and there’s one rule they all must apply: Interacting with men is forbidden, as they are abominable creatures. On the different hand, a trainee Kunoichi Tsubaki all staunch away begins feeling uncommon… It’s like her coronary heart glints at any time when the topic of boys comes up.


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©Souichiro Yamamoto / Shogakukan / Inside the Manufacturing Committee

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