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Know the farm as an integrating and sustainable element of the territory

Behind the glass of milk consumed first thing in the morning, there is a whole production process. The agri-food activity is fundamental for the territory, and not only because brings wealth, also configures its landscape, fosters indigenous culture, increases the labor supply and guarantees the circular economy . How is a farm managed? What is the production process?

To answer all these questions and the curiosity of consumers, Llet Nostra offers a guided tour of a farm , owned by the Diputación de Girona and managed by the Institute of Research and Technology Agroalimentàries (IRTA) , through the Experience #APROP . “We want to explain the fundamental contribution of the cattle ranchers and, in extension, of the primary sector to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the territory. In the countryside, much more is made than food for the entire population ”, explains Jordi Riembau , farmer and president of Llet Nostra.

On farms too research work is carried out , essential to guarantee the development of the livestock sector. “With research we contribute to the development of the sector since the production of farms, both small and medium, is done under criteria of animal welfare, economic efficiency and sustainability”, he points out Joan Tibau , institutional representative of IRTA in Girona.

Visit the Monells Beef Station

The Monells Cattle Station (EVAM) , located in the Baix Empordà , is the setting for the #APROP Experience. The visit includes a commented tour of the farm, an audiovisual and a tasting of Llet Nostra products at the Center de Coneixement i Innovació de la Llet (CCILLET)

, which is located in the same installation.

Through the visit, visitors will be able to know which professionals and animals make dairy production possible, and understand how they affect conditions such as climate, fields, circular economy, sustainability, culture and landscape. In addition, the role that IRTA plays in achieving more efficient and sustainable farms is also explained.

Awareness and education for sustainability

The #APROP Experience has been conceived for families with children 10 years and older and people with interests or concerns related to agri-food production, culture or land management, among others. In addition, the activity is adapted to offer it as educational resource for sustainability in educational centers , especially in classes of second (3rd and 4th) and third cycle of primary (5th and 6th), secondary, high school and agricultural training cycles .

To do The #APROP Experience must be made a prior reservation through its website or by calling 93 226 26 25 from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 2pm.

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