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Key and Bibury Animation Announce Prima Doll Original Anime for 2022

Prima Doll authentic anime, from visual new studio Key and Bibury Animation, is coming in 2022. A teaser trailer has been published, along with a visual, staff, and solid. Consistent with the legit announcement, the anime is a allotment of a mix-media project.

Visual Arts and Key are credited for the authentic belief, along with Key. It’s fee noting that Secret’s a trace below Visual Arts company. Tensho is directing the Prima Doll anime, with Kai on personality designs. Akane Yano is doing personality designs. Touya Okano and Kai are the scriptwriters and could well additionally oversee the sequence composition. Bibury Animation is animating the sequence.

Workers involves:

  • Azumi Waki as Haizakura
  • Akatari Kito as Retzel
  • Miyu Tomita as Gekka
  • Tomori Kusunoki as Karasuba
  • Yuki Nakashina as Houkiboshi
Haizakura, Retzel, Gekka, Karasuba, and Houkiboshi

Every of the characters has a trip authentic personality dressmaker:

  • Haizukura – Na-Ga
  • Retzel – lack
  • Gekka – Yui Hara
  • Karasuba – fuzichoco
  • Houkiboshi – En Morikura

Cafe Kuronekotei is a espresso shop located in a corner of the Imperial Capital’s fifth district.

The girls who work there are autonomous mechanical dolls (automata), the height of the trendy expertise. They were created as weapons to fight within the broad war, but the war is now over.

The peace greeted them and helped them accumulate restored. Now they are dressed in radiant kimonos and buying for a new feature, which entails singing fortunately. Would you are taking care of to utilize some time with these girls?

Official Synopsis, ACN Edit

Prima Doll anime visual

Offer: Official Web web page, Official Twitter

©VISUAL ARTS / Key / BAS, Prima Doll Manufacturing Committee

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