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Keegan Allen Tells Hilarious Pranking And Character Breaking Stories About Jared Padalecki On The Walker Set – Exclusive


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By Xandra Harbet/Feb. 3, 2022 1: 26 pm EST

Almost all individuals who’s ever labored with “Walker” valuable person Jared Padalecki has one component to divulge about the actor: He’s a loveable goofball with a penchant for pranks. Whether he changed into goofing around with Matt Barr onset or kicking it alongside with his onscreen brother Keegan Allen (Liam Walker), Padalecki knows suggestions on how to possess a bit fun while he’s getting the job done. There’s a cause his blooper reels are so iconic — whether or not it’s “Supernatural” or “Walker.” 

At some level of an unfamiliar interview with Looper, Keegan Allen dished on what it changed into esteem working with Padalecki, the duo’s improvisation on the demonstrate, and what pranks the Texas Ranger actor has been up to not too prolonged ago. 

On Allen’s well-liked moments with Padalecki each on and off the hide, he talked about, “I essentially feel esteem on every occasion that I work with Jared, it doesn’t essentially feel esteem we’re shooting a television demonstrate now and again. It appropriate feels esteem he’s always been my household. It’s this form of unprecedented … I don’t know if it’s appropriate Jared hypnotizing me alongside with his wide stunning looks and his graceful eyes. I don’t know what it is.” That appears to be like to be the general consensus with Padalecki’s costars.

These boots had been made for Walkers

Allen changed into like a flash to tell that the Walker duo you breaks and ad-libs on station rather on the total. “Yeah, tons. We’re free cannons. Whenever I work with Jared, I mean, now we possess got … There’s a scene coming up the set I’m though-provoking breakfast tacos, and we appropriate get aggressive, and it’s appropriate ridiculous,” he talked about. “There’s no cause to make these objects, but we’re appropriate aggressive and ate esteem 16 tacos in a take. It changed into nuts. This can doubtlessly never be conscious the sunshine of day, but a entire bunch improvisation, always follows very closely to Anna Fricke, Seamus [Kevin Fahey], Steve Robin — following very closely to the lords of this demonstrate and the writers and the administrators and their visions.” Allen and Padalecki possess for whisk concocted the suitable balance between honoring the script and navigating their possess vision for the Walker brothers through improv.

He added, “It’s very unprejudiced appropriate on fable of once there could be that collaboration, the inventive collaboration of the demonstrate is appropriate so, so huge. We can paint outside the lines very, very with out concerns on fable of of how out of the ordinary freedom now we possess got within our persona’s vary.”

Relieve within the pranking saddle

Allen had a lot to divulge in terms of Padalecki’s enthusiastic pranking abilities. “He’s a prankster. He’s comic although. He knows suggestions on how to appropriate stitch in pranks, on fable of if I did it, I will be in so out of the ordinary effort, or all individuals would appropriate see at me, on fable of he’s so charming … He’s appropriate so comic. His pranks are wide … I don’t know, it is valuable to detect,” Barr talked about. “There’s a gag reel that’s essentially wide. While you guys get the DVD, there’s a gag reel on the cease of the DVD.”  Anyone who’s seen Padalecki’s “Supernatural” bloopers knows that the actor’s gag reels are not to be missed — so protect these DVDs.

“I’ll strive to retain it collectively. [There are] cases the set I’m esteem, ‘Ok, I got this. I could retain it collectively.’ Nonetheless Jared’s been doing this for see you later. He’s done 300 episodes of television,” Allen persevered. “He knows suggestions on how to, he can throw puny nuclear bombs and retain it collectively after which appropriate see at you esteem, ‘Intention on, man. What’s negative?’ I’m esteem, ‘Dude, advance on, wait on.’ So, he’s a wide prankster. He’s so fun. What a fun man. I appropriate admire him. I essentially see forward to working with him on fable of I esteem to detect what’s next with what he’s going to make.” It’s good to presumably’t wait on but admire that rogue cowboy — pranks or no pranks. 

“Walker” Season 2 airs Thursday nights on The CW with new episodes streaming on the web convey and app the next day. 

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