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Keegan Allen Discusses The Importance Of Liam’s LGBTQ+ Arc On Walker – Exclusive


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By Xandra Harbet/Jan. 27, 2022 1: 34 pm EST

TV has arrive a prolonged manner in reevaluating the LGBTQ illustration onscreen. More generally, we’re seeing reveals nick out just among the extra poisonous tropes that nick unfamiliar characters to comedy relief or descend into the “bury your gays” trope that brings these characters to a tragic discontinuance. Whereas many reveals are level-headed at the inspire of on the cases, “Walker” leads the pack for LGBTQ illustration.

Keegan Allen’s personality, Liam, doesn’t hinge on tragedy or homophobia to exist in the fictional “Walker” world. Which capability that, Liam is what many reveals would possibly per chance well also unbiased level-headed aspire to assemble for necessary onscreen unfamiliar illustration. Now, that’s to no longer claim that darker topics aren’t significant to broach onscreen as successfully, however there needs to be a steadiness. Liam is the LGBTQ personality we wanted, and “Walker” is happy to explain.

At some level of an unfamiliar interview with Looper, Keegan Allen got candid regarding the definite LGBTQ illustration in “Walker” and teased what would possibly per chance well even be going on between Liam and Brett in due course.

Innovative cowboys

On how it’s felt bringing this Texas narrative into contemporary cases by taking part in an authorized and cherished homosexual personality in desire to the conventional doom and gloom angles that plague LGBTQ relationships on TV, Allen expressed his appreciation to take on this personality. “[With] ‘Walker,’ taking part on this personality and being segment of this universe, I reflect it’s so significant that that is appropriate existence. We reside in the 21st century,” he acknowledged. “We are experiencing existence as it is. And one amongst my authorized things about this level to in explicit and this personality is that it doesn’t must highlight something worship that. It’s appropriate existence, and that’s so shapely to me due to the rising up, I grew up in West Hollywood, and I in no arrangement knew that something used to be something. It appropriate used to be existence.” Neatly, the Walker characters are taking a page from that book, and it’s a breath of contemporary air. 

“Seeing that now we’re in the guts of Texas, that it is as it is, is appropriate so very most sensible to me due to the it is as it needs to be. It feels worship the flow with the circulate of existence is appropriate the manner it is. And I luxuriate in that. It’s shapely. It’s a obliging personality,” Allen added. “I salvage pleasure from every 2d of being this personality, and I are also looking out out for to level out that I luxuriate in that the family loves him. That’s so very most sensible as he is, and as he comes, he’s appropriate authorized and cherished, and it needs to be as it needs to be, ?” As primary as Allen enjoys taking part in Liam, followers luxuriate in looking out at Liam’s arcs unfold.

What’s subsequent for Brett and Liam

On what we would possibly per chance well also explore from Brett and Liam in due course, Allen gushed about his co-well-known individual and onscreen luxuriate in hobby: “[I] luxuriate in Alex Landi … He’s honestly astonishing. In [2.07], Brett does arrive inspire to … we’ll explore what happens. Originate they reconcile? Does something happen? However I reflect it’s a obliging couple of scenes that happen. It does switch that storyline forward in a extraordinarily, very attention-grabbing manner — especially appropriate due to the Liam is making an try to figure out so primary of his identification in his career and his family and along with his decisions that he’s made.”

He added, ” I suggest, we’ve all made mistakes in our lives the build we flow, ‘Why did I invent [that?] What have I completed? Why did I invent that?’ Appropriate? Liam is extraordinarily primary fascinated with that self-reflection, and Brett coming inspire, I reflect, aids and also … maybe hinders his reaction to what he’s completed, however again, we’ll explore how primary that interaction enforces something in due course.” It’s catch to claim most followers are rooting for these formative years to compose it work.

The 2d season of “Walker” airs Thursdays on The CW, with episodes streaming on The CW web space and app the next day.

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