Kate Winslet Would Love To Make A Second Season of ‘Mare Of Easttown’ — And She’s Not Alone

Order up another round of Rolling Rocks: Mare of Easttown might be coming back for a second season. At least it could be if Kate Winslet has anything to say about it. Though the HBO “limited series” came to its shocking conclusion on Sunday (well, “shocking” if you were anyone but Stephen King, who annoyed Twitter when he correctly predicted the killer earlier in the day), Winslet isn’t ready to drop her Philly accent just yet.

When asked about the possibility of a second act for Mare by TVLine, Winslet didn’t mince words:

“I would absolutely love to play Mare again. I miss her. I really do. It’s the strangest thing. I feel like I’m in mourning. It was an absolutely wonderful role… There’s something very addictive about Mare, because she’s so outrageous and lovable and brilliant and real, you know? I loved playing her.”

Craig Zobel, Mare of Easttown’s executive producer and director, seems to share Winslet’s enthusiasm for continuing the character’s story. When asked to share his thoughts on a second go-around, he told TVLine that Mare Sheehan is “an amazing character, so I would be excited to see” a second 2. Of course, being a dutiful EP, he hedged his response by adding that “I also like it as a miniseries.” Good answer, Craig!

Churning out a second season of what was intended to be a limited series wouldn’t be new terrain for HBO. They did it with Big Little Lies, the 2017 “limited series” based on Liane Moriarty’s book that earned the network eight Emmy Awards. While some might argue that even that series was best left to a single chapter, asking a network to just move on from the kind of show that had enough people tuning into the finale to crash HBO Max is a big ask. Something tells us this won’t be the last we hear about Mare.

(Via TVLine)